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Creation Theta

To discover fears, traumas and problems of existence, with quick and long-lasting resolutions.

A meditative technique that allows a direct connection with universal energy and with our most intimate nature and rapid healing from de-empowering mental beliefs and obsolete patterns that distance us from happiness in love, abundance and health.

This method uses Theta brain waves, which correspond to a state of deep relaxation. Everything we do or say is regulated by brainwave frequencies. There are different types of brainwaves Beta, Alpha, Theta Delta and Gamma. We emit Beta waves, for example when we speak, we are therefore active and alert.

It is possible to modify old programming that is the basis of our failures or repetitive mechanisms that hinder our realization.
Creation Theta allows contact with guardian angels, guides, spiritual masters.

It also leads to the breaking of binding energetic bonds, recovery of soul fragments, breaking of vows and blocking promises from previous lives.
A complete technique to live our lives fully with joy and peace.

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Who is it recommended for?

  • To all people, men and women of any age, since each of us has disempowering beliefs to replace at one of the 4 levels, deriving from fetal life or childhood or ancestors or previously lived lives
  • To those who want to resolve fears and traumas and de-empowering beliefs
  • To those who want to understand their divine mission, the purpose of their incarnation on this Earth
  • To those who decide to enter the path of life decided on incarnation, finding the happiness of living
  • To those who want to recover virtues and talents acquired in previous lives
  • To dissolve ties, energetic constraints, promises, foils from this life or previous lives, or recover fragments of the soul
  • To those who wish to speak with Guides, Angels, Spiritual Masters.
  • To meet the higher selves of others, animals and plants.

How can it help you?

What effects does the online session produce?

It frees you from de-empowering thoughts that block the flow of your energy towards economic, sentimental and work abundance and replacing them with empowering thoughts.
It makes you understand fears that are even archaic or that belonged to ancestors up to 7 generations back.
It helps you understand where certain fears or certain hindering traumas in your life come from.
It can help you understand how to manifest to the Universe what you desire, including a soul mate or Divine partner.
It creates a stronger contact between the individual and the Higher Self with each session.
Create a channel with the Divine Source.
It lets you communicate with your Guardian Angels, including your Daimon or Principal Angel, Guides and Spiritual Masters.

How does it work

How does an online session happen?

The Theta session begins with Kinesiology-like tests on the fingers of a hand or arm or by rocking the body back and forth.
These tests allow us to evaluate the client's disempowering or fearful beliefs.
Instead of disempowering beliefs, write empowering ones with the person to be included in the session.
Then the operator goes up to Theta and asks for the basic belief, the key from which all the others for that topic originate.
Permission is requested from the customer for any deletion or insertion.
In each session you experience different things.
Soul fragments given to other people are taken back.
The fragmented soul is reconstructed.
You can energetically detach yourself from ex-partners, so as to avoid clashes.
It is possible to untie psychic hooks and vows and promises even from previous lives.
During the session, the client is held with his hands on top of those of the operator.
Sometimes we make the client rise to the 7th level of existence with us or we make him descend into the Akashic Records.

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An example

I gave a Theta session to a middle-aged male client, with disempowering blocks on a historical level, that of previous lives.
We went into the Akashic Records and he looked at the right book, on the right page and saw himself as an unhappy woman in a previous life, dressed in yellow, with a hat, unhappy.
Her husband was violent, he beat her because she only gave birth to daughters.
But he dies in battle and she raises her 5 children with love, learning the virtues of patience and maternal love.
She died peacefully, with all 5 children around her bed.
I saw the same scenes at the same time that he saw in silence.
It was exciting because seeing this life made the client significantly improve his relationship with his teenage daughter.

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Roberta Bencini

I am a Counselor, expert in Regressive Hypnosis, Constellations of Myths and Images, Akashic Records and Harmonization of the home with Feng Shui, Indian Vastu and sacred figures: Genesa, Pentasphere, Pyramid.