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Roberta Bencini

Professional Counselor, expert in Regressive Hypnosis, Imaginal Constellations of myths and images.

I am a Counselor, expert in Regressive Hypnosis, Constellations of Myths and Images, Akashic Records and Harmonization of the home with Feng Shui, Indian Vastu and sacred figures: Genesa, Pentasphere, Pyramid. I hold individual sessions, seminars and courses online and in the classroom.

I have 4 continuous training academies with the release of professional training ECPs to train operators of Family Constellations of Myths and Images, Creation Theta, Akashic Records, Magic of the Archangels

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Roberta Bencini is registered with SIAF Italia in the professional register of holistic operators with TRAINER level code TO2736T-OP

She is also registered in the Counselor register with Professional level code TO454P-CG
Professional regulated pursuant to Law n°4/2013

Studies and private life

I was born in Tuscany in 1964 and I am the mother of 4 children. I graduated in obstetrics with 110 cum laude, I worked for 20 years as a hospital midwife and I have extensive experience of home births and breastfeeding, following the newborn from 0 to 12 months and the child up to 3 years.

I graduated in Law with a master's degree in 2011 and specialized in forensic professions. I took courses in criminology and forensic obstetric practice at the University of Siena.

Professional details

I have been studying and dealing with holistic, psycho-corporeal therapies, ancient healing, religious and spiritual traditions for 44 years. Since I was a child I have had spiritual and divination experiences with tarot cards.

I perform tarot readings, using both the major and minor arcana. I am an expert on Angels and Archangels, their Angelic, Archangelic and Solomonic energies and rituals.

I am a Reiki Master and I am a Master in Crystals.

I am an operator of Tibetan bells and ancestral instruments and voice.

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