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Roberta Bencini

Regressive hypnosis to previous lives - individual session

Regressive hypnosis to previous lives - individual session

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With Regressive Hypnosis you complete a profound spiritual journey, you understand that life is infinite, there is never a true death, you go from one existence to the next without ever an end.

Lives are not detached from each other, but are connected by a karmic chain, in each life through the experiences of pain and joy one acquires fundamental virtues to one day exit the wheel of incarnations, becoming Masters who stay on the 5th floor of existence.

The masters who have acquired all the virtues reincarnate on Earth only to help other men by raising the vibrational level on the Planet. The benefits of regressive hypnosis. With Hypnosis we stop feeling like victims of events and we assume all responsibility for what happens to us in our current existence.

All of this leads us to grow and heal from a spiritual point of view.

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You can use the diary to choose a date and time of your liking, Viviana will write to you shortly via email or Whatsapp to confirm or request a change.

More details - the benefits

The benefits of the regressive hypnosis session

Past life regression hypnosis sessions bring many benefits including:
1. The recovery of memories of previous lives
2. The positive discovery of the meaning of living
3. The promotion of the process of transformation, evolution and growth of the person
4. Improvement of interpersonal relationships and with oneself
5. Increased self-love
6. Resolution or in any case reduction of conflicts, fears, traumas, repetitive errors, wrong choices
7. Awareness of why we love certain places in the world, but reject others, why we are interested in certain disciplines and arts and not others and so on..
8. Rediscovery of soul mates and past loves
9. Recognize the members of our soul family through lives.
10. Learning the lessons of love and compassion
11. Ability to receive messages from the deceased in light
12. Feeling immortal and defeating the fear of death

25% of men today believe in reincarnation, first recognized by the Sumerians in 3200 BC. Carl Gustav Jung also talks about reincarnation. Even those who do not believe in reincarnation can carry out regressive hypnosis sessions on previous lives, reading the images that come to them as metaphorical messages from the deep mind and benefiting from spiritual growth and the reduction of fears and traumas.

How the session is done

The complete path of regressive hypnosis

A complete regressive hypnosis program is made up of 9 sessions, but it is also possible to do just one session.
The number 9 recalls the months of gestation that each of us spent in the mother's womb. With 9 sessions you are reborn to a new awareness of life. They are spaced one month apart.

During the session, after an initial discussion on what prompted the person to have a hypnosis session, a deep relaxation is induced in the person, with a slowing down of brain waves. We reach a stage of non-thought and non-time and our mnemonic, sensorial and emotional abilities are amplified. Then through some steps, you arrive in a previous life. The operator asks questions that the customer can answer verbally or not. We usually move 10 years, in 10 years in the life we ​​are revisiting and finally we reach the moment of detachment from the physical body, at the moment in which consciousness reaches its maximum expansion.

Here we understand the meaning of that life, the virtues that were acquired in that life, the teachings to bring into our current life on Earth. Finally there is the encounter with a being of light.

More information on the Regressive Hypnosis session

The Regressive Hypnosis session has no clinical, diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. The session lasting about an hour takes place in a comfortable hypnosis chair, in a semi-reclining position, even from your own home online. About 20% of people are refractory to hypnosis.

Of these, some are only momentarily for reasons of tension or stress, since they are unable to relax completely. Then there is a percentage that is permanently refractory due to their control-oriented psychological structures.

You can already book your paid session lasting one hour by clicking on BOOK at a cost of 100 euros. The appointment will be made after placing the order, you will be contacted via email.

Then you can decide whether to undertake the complete journey of 9 monthly sessions for a total cost (with lump-sum payment) of 800 euros, one session is free.

Roberta offers individual sessions online.
Studio sessions are possible in San Gimignano (Siena).

For information write to

To book

Session booking takes place after purchase. Proceed to the cart and complete the purchase. You will receive an email from Roberta and you will be able to make arrangements on the date, time and means of communication for your video conference.

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Roberta Bencini

Counselor, expert in Regressive Hypnosis, Constellations of Myths and Images, Creation Theta and Harmonization of the house with Feng Shui, Indian Vastu and sacred figures: Genesa, Pentasphere, Pyramid.