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Family Constellations of Myths and Images

It was born from the fusion between transgenerational psychology and imaginal psychology, with the aim of searching for the archetypes in each of us, i.e. the symbols deriving from our ancestors, which influence our behaviour.

The aim of the Family Constellations of Myths and Images is to be able to know the myth or myths that we have inherited from our family history and that we unconsciously implement in our lives every day, in order to then be able to deprogram them and free our potential in any area of ​​life, finally living our myth, our divine mission on this Earth, in this physical body.
It essentially involves undertaking a journey that leads to contact with ancestors, giving them energetic and verbal recognition, so as to have a personal internal catharsis. With the Constellations we understand the reason for our daily self-boycott in every area of ​​life.
For example, it is possible that if none of our ancestors were economically successful, we feel that we would be betraying the family clan by acquiring economic abundance.

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Transgenerational and imaginal psychology

Transgenerational psychology is a discipline that deals with studying the "subtle" ties that unite us with our ancestors. It is based on the assumption that our present life is essentially a repetition of a life model that belongs to our family system. It is as if automatically in our everyday lives we stage the myth of our ancestors and we do so unconsciously, without realizing it, since at the moment of our birth we received this "information" which we have the task of expressing with our own ways. to live.

Imaginal psychology , on the other hand, arises from a new approach to psychology and philosophy, born with CG Jung and post-Jungian thinkers, first of all James Hilmann. This discipline states that the world and the body are the fruit of our psyche and therefore that reality as we perceive it is the fruit of a "psychic imagination". This does not mean that what we experience is only the fruit of our imagination, indeed it is absolutely real for us, but that we create it according to the "programming" of our psyche. Therefore, if we affirm that the reality we live in is the one we ourselves create, it will also be possible to change it to our liking simply by changing the beliefs that govern our psyche.

Who is it recommended for?

  • To men and women of any age, who believe they have disempowering beliefs that come from their ancestors, which block them in various areas of life.
  • To those who want to live their own myth and their own divine mission and not that of their ancestors.
  • To those who want to understand the reason for certain personal self-boycott behaviors in love, in economic abundance, in work.
  • To those who decide to finally take the path of life decided on incarnation, finding the happiness of living.
  • To those who want to have their ancestors on their side, the loving energy of their ancestors with them every day, since without healthy roots that send energy, a tree dies and we human beings also need to have our pacified ancestors on our side, that nourish us.
  • To those who want to talk to their ancestors and understand the reasons for their behaviour.

How can it help you?

What are the benefits of Family Constellations of Myths and Images?

The Family Constellations of Myths and Images will first help you understand if what you are experiencing is simply the myth of others.

You will become aware of the pattern or patterns you are repeating, given to you by your ancestors at the time of your birth.​
Once you have achieved the awareness that what you are experiencing does not belong to you, you will have the opportunity to be reborn to a new life.

You will discover the true mission that you are called to carry out in this life and you will finally be able to live your personal journey in which you and only you will be a director and actor.

Through the Constellations, the constellator teaches you to pacify the past and let your ancestors nourish you with love, so that the person can live a happy and fully fulfilled life.

We are like trees, we take nourishment from our roots, our ancestors must collaborate with us and bring us nourishment. Without roots the tree does not grow, but dies.

Liberation from the inherited pattern will allow you to consciously choose your destiny.

How does it work

How does a session happen?

Sessions can be individual or group.

First of all, the person needs to draw their own genogram or family tree. It is important that the drawing is done personally by the consultant, as it is important for the constellator to understand at what precise point in the family tree the person will place himself and his ancestors.

The names of your ancestors, the profession they practiced and any particular event must be written inside the genogram.

Afterwards, if it is an individual session, the constellator, using Playmobil puppets, will have the person choose an interpreter for each ancestor and at that point the dramatization of the family events will be staged.

If, however, it is a group session, the person will choose representatives of his ancestors from among the participants. In this case the constellation will take place in a more spectacular way since, as in the theatre, each character will interpret his role and the person will understand a lot about himself and his story through the visual representation of family dynamics.

But individual sessions also achieve the same purpose as group sessions. At the end of the constellation session, it is explained what to do at home for a certain period of time to make peace with your ancestors.

Learn more

What are the texts and videos to learn more about?

To better understand the sessions of Family Constellations of Myths and Images you can delve deeper into the topic through:

1) Reading the book “Psychogenelogy and family constellations with a family approach” by Selene Calloni Williams.

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