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Life Coach

Overcome dissatisfaction and discover how to become a co-creator of your reality.

With a Life Coach you can be what you really want.
Here are all the goals you can achieve with a Life Coach (in person or online via Skype or telephone):

  • the Life Coach helps you understand what your true dreams are and achieve your goals
  • the Life Coach teaches you to understand and use the power of your thoughts and emotions
  • the Life Coach makes you a focused but also flexible person to change course along the way
  • the Life Coach helps you understand how to listen without being influenced by the doubts and fears of others
  • the Life Coach makes you become a person determined to change.
  • The Life Coach helps you become the new person in your new life!

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Who is it recommended for?

  • To those who want to find a partner: to attract love into their life
  • To those who want to improve an existing relationship: to start a reconciliation
  • To those who want to have more economic stability: to attract economic security or the ideal job
  • To those who feel stuck in a situation: to remove obstacles and start again towards new horizons
  • To those who feel insecure: to rediscover the connection with their deep desires and their certainties
  • To those who want to overcome the fear of making the necessary changes
  • To those who want to start or grow a profitable business: to best do what needs to be done (in the right way, at the right time)
  • To those who want to be a conscious creator of their own life: to rejoice and be amazed by the beauty of what they feel

How can it help you?

What a life coach can do for you (in person or online)
Helps you understand what it is you really want and why (eliminating doubts and external influences)
Few people know how to express what they really want: a fulfilling relationship as a couple, an economic situation that gives security, a beautiful and healthy body, becoming a perfect mother, doing the right job that gives space to one's talents...

It seems impossible not to want these things, yet it may be difficult (and frustrating) to imagine and describe the life you want in your daily life now (so different from your ideal situation). And it doesn't even mean that what others want can make you happy and fulfilled (you are unique).

Therefore, the first step is to stop focusing your attention on what you no longer want and start better defining what you want: the life coach supports you and supports you to help you bring out what you want to achieve and how you want to feel. And the holistic discipline of Life Coaching helps you make it a reality.

The session can be online (via Skype® or telephone) to make best use of your time.

It helps you understand and use the power of your thoughts and emotions to realize your dreams and achieve your goals
The second step is to learn that your thoughts and emotions are connected and have enormous power that is important to learn to manage: if you want to attract something into your life, tune your emotions to the right frequency and you will attract what you want to achieve. What you focus on, you attract.

If you focus on what you like, you will attract what you want and if you focus on what you don't like, you will attract what you don't want. Thinking positively is not enough, however. If your desire is in line with your life purpose, your emotional guidance system will tell you and make you feel good.

If you hold the positive emotion long enough, you will attract what you asked for. If you change your vibrations, you stop the flow of energy and prevent your desire from coming true. For this reason it is necessary to ask only for what you believe is possible to receive: if you believe that what you are asking for is impossible, your vibration will not be the right one.

Vibration is not formed by what you think in terms of words, but by the emotions you feel. You could say (and tell yourself) that you want a nice house, but if you have the unconscious belief that you don't deserve it, your vibration will correspond to "I don't deserve it" and you will thus push away what you ask for. You can achieve anything you want, but only if you are aligned with your destiny and if you feel that it is possible (and that you deserve it). In this phase, the life coach helps you to be (and stay) aligned with this new feeling, eliminating blocks and limiting beliefs permanently. The possibility of carrying out life coaching sessions online (Skype or telephone) means that you can have your session when you need it even by booking in advance.

It helps you acquire the habits and way of thinking (and feeling) to become the new person in your new life
The third step is to change your point of view and therefore your way of thinking (and feeling), on a daily basis. How many times have you noticed (with concern) how easy it is to fall into the same mistakes without even realizing it? Some thoughts rooted in you (or beliefs) influence your behaviors (and therefore your life) by creating expectations about what could happen to you. Your worldview, which you developed in childhood, affects what you experience more than you imagine. If you try to look at yourself from the outside, you may realize that you are repeating an old thought pattern that perhaps no longer applies to you. This understanding is called awareness. Thanks to a life coach, you can learn to recognize the moments in which you act out of repetition or habit and intervene by changing harmful and/or counterproductive thoughts and habits.

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How does it work

How the online Life Coaching method works with Phedros

Online life coaching uses very effective techniques and processes that help you change your energy and awareness and tune in, emitting the right vibration, with what you really want (thus helping you to get it). Techniques based on the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws teach that you can create the life you want by learning to emit the vibration corresponding to what you desire and that the guidance system that allows us to find the right vibration is your emotions.

Simplifying a little, if I want to be loved I must first learn to emit the vibration of love and, only then, the Universe will be able to do nothing but respond to that vibration by manifesting love in my life in one form or another. other. It could also be summarized by saying that "it always rains when it's wet": I have to feel wet to be able to receive the rain. This is a key concept that, if you apply it, can change everything in your life. Almost everyone, by now, talks about the miracles explained with quantum physics (so no longer miracles but "science"), about the incredible powers of the human brain and therefore about the possibility of changing your beliefs and creating the life you want by learning to emit the right vibration.

But few specify and teach that the Law of Attraction only works in combination with at least six other universal laws, and that it must take into account the limits imposed by individual destiny. They make you believe that everything is possible, that you can achieve anything... but that's not true. You need to make sure that what you want aligns with your life mission. But you can understand all this with online life coaching. Fortunately, your soul (your wisest part) knows what your life purpose is and does everything to help you be in alignment with it through emotions (which are also vibrations and which are the communication system special you have with her). When you feel happy, when your thoughts are positive and you feel full of energy, when everything goes smoothly… it means you are aligned with your soul's mission.

However, when you feel a negative emotion, your soul is trying to tell you that you are out of alignment, that you are trying to do something that takes you back off your path, more, that you are rowing against the current... This is why negative emotions are messages that they must be decoded and understood, rather than rejected or ignored. When you understand that – consciously and unconsciously – you create your reality, then you (joyfully) take responsibility for what you think and feel. It is essential, therefore, for coaching to work, to learn to distinguish between sincere emotions and the emotions that you force yourself to feel to get what you want (you really can't cheat).

Real change also comes through errors in evaluating your emotional state and having set goals that are too high (and therefore perceived as unattainable). The life coach knows the risks inherent in the process and accompanies you to make it as smooth and pleasant as possible.

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What is life coaching and how to choose your professional life coach (also online)

How to get the most out of life coaching

To achieve maximum results, it is a good idea to establish which topic you intend to work on and express your intention to improve your emotional state before starting the life coaching session (in person or online). Intention has formidable power. You then need to be alone (and without distractions) to be able to focus your attention on yourself and on your emotional work. it is proven from our experience that the online session (via Skype or telephone) can be much more effective than an in-person session, because in the privacy of your home you can feel closer to your true emotions without the stress of moving. Maximum results are then achieved by making (and respecting) the commitment to do a small daily exercise of a few minutes alone.

The Life Coach and other alternative professional figures

The holistic operator expert in Life Coaching listens to you and asks you questions without giving you advice or trying to solve your problems. Active and deep listening requires practice, not specific professional preparation. A good life coach reconnects you to your infinite wisdom, helps you see things from a different perspective, but the conclusions and solutions come from you (only and always after a change in energy felt at a deep level). You will thus feel personally responsible for your success, because the solutions will be your idea. And this sense of responsibility already changes you (as well as bringing you closer to your goal). A life coach helps the client to set up a plan to evaluate important and delicate decisions, change lifestyle, improve their business, cultivate new relationships... Therapists, on the other hand, work with people who have strong emotional difficulties or deep-rooted behavioral problems (a due to recent or past injuries, trauma or chemical imbalances).

If you are subject to stress and dissatisfaction caused by your life choices, a holistic operator expert in life coaching can help you feel (much) better; but if you have deep-seated anxieties and harmful, dysfunctional behavioral problems, a therapist will be a better choice. Finally, life coaches can hold sessions online via telephone or Skype, while therapists are, in most cases, not permitted to counsel severely distressed clients via these channels.

How to choose your life coach

Your life coach acts as a mirror to you and must be well in tune with you. The choice must not be made with the head but with the heart: emotions such as sympathy and trust are fundamental elements for building an effective relationship. Choose instinctively and ask for a free trial session, at the end of which you will be able to decide with full knowledge of the facts whether this is the right life coach for you. As regards training, there are no training requirements (there is not yet a law that regulates this profession), but we advise you to check that the life coach has obtained a diploma from an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified school.

Finally, ask what type of experience (even personal) he has in the topics you want to work on. In any case, you recognize a good life coach because he does not express any judgment on what you are feeling emotionally; it allows you to take all the time you need to move from your current emotions to what you want to feel (more functional, to achieve your goals). It also allows you to stay where you are, if this is what you want to do but, in the end, it triggers that "something" in you that activates your change.

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