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Course for Manifesting Desires: Relationships - first module

Course for Manifesting Desires: Relationships - first module

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The first 24 lessons of the course (first module) of the course held live on Youtube are now available for purchase as a package here, by clicking on buy.

Learn to:

  1. Escape from the level of struggle and competition, fear and pain. Eliminate blocks and allow subpersonalities to grow
  2. Becoming our soul
  3. Awaken the heart to love
  4. Creating relationships on the level of the soul, with the heart
  5. Attract a partner or a friend or a child
  6. Connect with spiritual guides
  7. Receive and radiate love to individuals, groups or all of humanity


an improvement in our energy and our relationships with practical manifestation of this improvement, for example making peace with those who caused us pain, learning to love without conditions, creating a new relationship with a new partner or improving an existing one

Macro-Sections of the course

  1. Merge with the soul
  2. Awaken the heart center
  3. Creating relationships on the soul level
  4. Receive and radiate love

Each section has exercises and meditations to do together and positive affirmations to test and meditate on

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Viviana Bertoglio

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