Phedros is a community of people who wish to improve personal and other people's well-being through changing their way of thinking and consequently acting, to enter the flow of life while respecting universal laws. We meet in live streaming several times a week for Courses, Meditations and Exercises to Consciously Create our lives and Evolve Together.


Phedros offers courses in live streaming with a subscription to the YouTube channel . The courses are organized on 5 levels, by subscribing to the higher price levels it will also be possible to access the courses offered for the lower price levels. You can change levels or cancel your subscription at any time.

Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

It offers its Personal Growth courses and Astrology and Astrosophy courses: “Learning to read the birth chart” (5th level), “Evolutionary Astrology” (3rd level), Courses for “Manifesting Desires” (2nd level) and “Meditations Daily lasers" (1 level). "For me it is a mission, I feel I want to spread evolutionary messages to grow in the awareness of being spiritual entities and rediscover our true power, the inner one. And I like to think that we are all evolving together” Graduated in Economics but always interested in astrology and holistic techniques, in 2014 she created Phedros and since then she has dedicated herself 100% to the activity of Astrologer and Spiritual Coach.

laura tuan foto per phedros

Laura Tuan

He offers his courses "Astrology and Tarot" and "Tarot, Numbers and Stars" (4 level) transmitting his personal innovative way to feel the meanings of symbols through sensoriality and to transfer the meaning of symbols to any field of existence for means of intuitive associations.

“It is a continuous study that never ends, I will tell you about my special way of working on the symbol”

Graduated in literature, graduated in Japanese, she has studied myth, religion and Sanskrit all her life. He has an interest in all types of philosophy, symbolism, magic, tarot and astrology. He has written over 40 books, some of which have been translated into various languages.

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What they say about our courses

Hi Viviana, I'm following some of your meditation videos on YouTube. They interest me a lot. And although I find it very difficult to lift myself out of my reality and my crowded thoughts, I manage to benefit from it. I feel lighter and more positive.

Loredana C

Dearest Viviana, I wanted to tell you that I'm becoming very passionate about the courses I'm taking🤗 and to compliment you on the clear way you explain, you make things simple even if they're complex!!!

Eleanor V.

I really like this approach to astrology that you called evolutionary astrology. Great lesson, I'm very happy to follow this new course. 🙏❤️

Masina B

I listened to the recording last night. Beautiful!!! And enlightening! I wanted to thank ❤️Viviana for the fantastic organization and Laura with her infinite, very interesting knowledge! You are a winning team!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

Vera C.

Last night's lesson was very rich for me! It's incredible, and yet another confirmation, that a birth chart can indicate all this information. Congratulations to Viviana 👏

Luca C.

Beautiful lesson, I love it, I could spend hours and hours listening to you explain, truly speak a great soul (Laura Tuan's Astrology and Tarot Course)

Rosanna T.

Viviana, your dictates have opened a portal of awareness and introspection to me that has changed my approach to life: from acting like a warrior to the calm of detachment and acceptance of every event in relation to faith in the internal God who exists it is in each of us.

Raffaella L.

..I am grateful for everything I have, even for having known you and your teachings. Nothing is a coincidence, you arrived when I was still unaware of everything I would have to face and many times your words made me understand, see things in a way that who knows how it would otherwise have been...

Ylenia C.

.. I found myself in the middle of a journey to discover myself and the people close to me. Every small step is a great awareness.. and the "solutions" also arrived.. this turbocharged everything I had learned in the previous courses, strengthening it and making it more mine.

Catherine P.

I always follow Laura with immense pleasure, because she has an excellent communication methodology. Thank you Viviana for giving me this opportunity to appreciate your courses too.

Annamaria T.

Viviana I agree with Annamaria, your approach and that of Laura is engaging and enlightening. Thank you

Nadia M.

Very interesting indeed! And having Laura on video in my opinion manages to capture attention better: the time flew by! And it's fascinating how she knows how to range between very ancient symbols and myths, beautiful!

Sandra D.

The meeting with Viviana was casual and enlightening, I was looking for an astrology course but I found much more... meditations, astrosophy and many ideas to improve my relationship with myself, the channel is truly a great wealth of content and ideas!!

Rossella L.

I found the Cancer/Leo description absolutely enlightening. Anyway Viviana, congratulations to Laura, it's turning out to be a wonderful course!

Catherine P.

I have been following Phedros' courses for a short time... I find them interesting... simple to understand. I have started to implement some suggested exercises, noticing changes in the mental sphere such as being more present on the thoughts that are formulated by the mind unconsciously. .Viviana is a beautiful person 💖

Daniela LR