Who we are


Focused on spreading the knowledge and practice of holistic techniques , Phedros offers free and paid courses, accessible mainly online.

Phedros' YouTube channel serves as a virtual space for personal growth and the study of astrology as a tool for self-knowledge.

With the aim of providing tools for personal transformation, Phedros helps you change careers, attract abundance, improve relationships and support your spiritual growth.

The courses are recorded and accessible through the reserved area of ​​the site, while personal contact with customers is a priority, also via the online chat on the site.

Phedros' blog offers tips and reflections on key topics such as interpretation of the birth chart, destiny, karmic bonding, parental influence and more.

Phedros invites people to experience higher emotions and co-create their desired reality through the application of the law of attraction and other universal laws in daily life.

It was born in 2016 as a project to disseminate holistic methods conceived by Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio and supported by Daniela Roda Mauri, Silvia De Vecchi and Francesca Mahler Foletti. It has evolved its mission over time, becoming a holistic studio whose services can be purchased and used entirely online.

Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

I am the founder, administrator and partnership manager of Phedros and I dedicate myself 100% to our "creature". I am Libra rising Scorpio. I propose reading the birth chart as a key to understanding the mission and talents and I help people to become themselves through the knowledge and application of universal laws and the meditations of the Body of Light. I write for the Phedros blog and hold my video courses on the Phedros Youtube channel. The Community that has formed on the Phedros Youtube channel is an opportunity to learn how to create our reality consciously, experiment with others and share results and doubts.

daniela mauri foto per phedros

Daniela Roda Mauri

Daniela is a founding member and administrator. He worked for many years in the printing and publishing industry. Now he has rediscovered his talent for drawing and graphics and creates and publishes children's books. Pisces Taurus ascendant. We shared our interest in holistic methods that allow us to integrate mind, soul and spirit and during our personal journeys we experimented with various holistic techniques and met the qualified professionals that we now offer to you too. Through Phedros we offer quality holistic paths, all successfully personally tested.

il consulente digital marketing di phedros

Francesco Antonacci

Francesco is our Digital Marketing Consultant. He has followed us step by step since our birth, helping us to become more and more visible online. Taurus ascendant Gemini. E-commerce specialist, founder of Socialware and Co-founder of Impact Hub Bari. He manages e-commerce projects nationally and internationally. Digital marketing trainer. He wrote "E-commerce Marketing and Sales" and "Local marketing. Strategies for promoting and selling in the area" for Hoepli editions.

  • What we believe in

    We believe that our consciousness creates our reality and that the world we see outside is a reflection of our inner world.

    We believe that each of us has the power to choose how to react to events, and that based on the choices made we determine the occurrence of subsequent events.

  • What goals do we have?

    We want to promote knowledge of methods of personal and spiritual growth, helping people to feel their inner power, to connect with their Higher Self or Superconscious and to define and create the reality they desire.

    We offer individual sessions and both free and paid online courses to guide everyone in consciously creating their own reality.

  • How we grow

    Phedros helps us reach out to people who are vibrationally aligned with our beliefs and goals to create a community of like-minded people who can first individually live life in joy and then together contribute to the growth of collective consciousness. We position ourselves firmly and with the maximum brightness of which we are capable to be seen by those who wish to join us and support us in our project, just as the lighthouse shows its light to ships wishing to enter the port.