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Caterina Storti

Graduated as a Medical Masseur in 2001, founder of the Aquilone Center in Lugano. Specialized in Reiki, Theta Healing, Astrosophy, Astrology, Integrated Healing Massage, Channeling, Metaphysics and Ericksonian Hypnosis. I offer online astrological consultancy from Chiasso, integrating techniques for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Mission: guide towards awareness and spiritual evolution.

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Horary astrology

Horary astrology is a method used to predict the outcome of a certain issue or to clarify situations that appear confusing or tangled.
The stars are questioned with a very specific question, then a map of the sky of the moment is drawn up and we proceed with the analysis to obtain the response. It is essential that the question is strongly felt by the person asking it and is not just a simple exercise in curiosity.
It is also important that it is placed in the perspective of a real need and with the aim of acquiring greater awareness on certain issues with the help of heaven. We therefore need openness to every possible response and the ability to grasp the message on a profound level, without attachment to what is desired.

Birth chart and Astrosophy

Astrosophy is a discipline created by Fabrizio Mariotti, in which the classic concepts of astrology have been integrated with eastern philosophies, in particular some elements of traditional Chinese medicine, meridians and chakras.
The reading of the birth chart from an astrosophical perspective is a fascinating journey through one's own experience read in the ascendant, sign and lunar nodes, in which the planets personify the characters of our current and past life. It is an analysis of the individual energy field as a result of what our ancestors, our roots, have left us.
It is a way to better understand ourselves in the dynamics that we unconsciously implement every day and consequently this type of reading makes the person educated and capable of freeing themselves from certain automatisms that condition and negatively influence their life, in order to be able to pursue the destiny goal foreseen in the lunar nodes.

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