Akashic Records

Tap into the "universal archive" that contains all information about all souls and all experiences past, present and future.

According to spiritual tradition, these records are written on the "etheric substance" called Akasha, which is immaterial and non-physical. The teachings claim that these records can only be read by people who have developed a certain spiritual ability or who have been initiated into doing so.

In some traditions, it is claimed that the Akashic Records can be used to help people understand the meaning and purpose of their lives, resolve karmic issues, heal energetic imbalances, and achieve greater spiritual awareness.

Additionally, some claim that the Akashic records can provide information about the future and can be used to make predictions.

The practice of accessing the Akashic records can be done through meditation, prayer, or through reading the records by a guide who has been initiated into the practice. Furthermore, there are some techniques for reading the Akashic Records that use mind strength and concentration to achieve a trance state, in which one prepares to access the records.

In general, the Akashic records are an important part of the spiritual tradition and have been mentioned in many different cultures and spiritual traditions, including India, ancient Egypt, and the Christian tradition.

In recent years, new techniques have been developed that allow many people to access the reading of their registers, through an expert guide or, after appropriate activation, even directly by the person concerned.

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Who is it recommended for?

  • For those interested in deepening their understanding of life and purpose.
  • To those seeking answers to existential questions.
    To those who want to work on karmic problems or energetic imbalances.
  • To those who want to develop their spiritual awareness.
  • To those who want to better understand their past and their future.
  • To those interested in spiritual and metaphysical practices.
  • To those who want to have a broader and deeper vision of the world and the relationships between things.
  • To those who want to discover their true nature and potential.

How can it help you?

Why have a session

An individual reading of the Akashic records can help you understand the meaning and purpose of your life, resolve karmic issues, heal energetic imbalances, and achieve greater spiritual awareness. It can also provide you with information about your past, present, and future, and help you better understand the relationships and choices you've made throughout your life.

How does it work

Booking and contact with Marina Bovolon

After purchasing your session Marina will send you a link via email to choose the date and time it will take place. At the scheduled time you can contact Marina at the link she will send you. The session takes place online and lasts about an hour, but the duration depends on what is activated at the moment.

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Activation and courses

In addition to reading the Akashic records, it is possible to receive Attunement.
Akashic records activation is a process by which a person is initiated into reading and accessing the Akashic records. This process usually requires some preparation and adequate spiritual preparation, and can be conducted by a qualified teacher or spiritual guide. Activating the Akashic records can help a person access their inner knowing and provide a deeper understanding of their life and purpose. For information on courses write to info@phedros.com

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Marina Bovolon

A free researcher, she listened to the call of her soul and the divine within after a rewarding 25-year career in Integrated Wellbeing. Mother of two, she found her truth beyond material success.