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Transform limiting beliefs quickly and easily.

PSYCH-K ® is a methodology that, through individual or online sessions or easy-to-follow courses, allows you to achieve your goals simply, quickly and safely. PSYCH-K® processes are easy to learn and are immediately applicable to everyday life (even when you only have a few minutes available). Thanks to these characteristics, PSYCH-K® continues to spread rapidly in Italy and throughout the world.

What can a PSYCH-K ® course actually help you with? To transform fears and resistances that block you in different areas of your life, fears and resistances that make you enter a state of frustration and anger. If you have ever dedicated body and soul to a work project, to a relationship, to losing weight or to changing a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition and despite this you have not seen results... If you feel surrounded by people who do not understand you or they hinder you… know that behind all this there could be your subconscious that is sabotaging your projects and your life because it has been programmed this way since childhood. And until you change these programs on a subconscious level it can be very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming to get what you want. The good news is that thanks to simple individual sessions also via Skype® or PSYCH-K ® courses held by Certified Instructors you will be able to change these limiting programs and start modifying the beliefs of your Subconscious with the help of your Superconscious mind, in just a few minutes and forever.

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Who is it recommended for?

  • To those who want to start or need to unblock a work project: so that the project is understood, accepted and appreciated (a win-win success, both for those who offer the service and for those who use it).
  • To those who want to resolve a relational situation in which they don't see a way out: to learn what there is to learn from the conflict, enter a space of respect and communication, and make a decision that makes both feel good.
  • To those who feel blocked and/or obsessed by a past event, by regrets or by worries: to finally live a life free from fear, sadness, heaviness and worry. And thus finally be serene and happy in the here and now.
  • To those who want to transform a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual difficulty into an opportunity for growth
  • To those who, despite having already tried everything, feel that something fundamental is missing in their life: to rediscover their essence and therefore everything they really need.

How can it help you?

PSYCH-K® method courses can change your life

PSYCH-K® courses help you get a work project off the ground: you have done everything you thought possible, you have spent a lot of money on consultancy, communication, refresher courses with marketing gurus and despite this your project does not part, is not understood or goes slowly. There is bad news and good news for you: the bad news is that you have most likely been programmed, since childhood, with limiting beliefs (programs) about success, your self-esteem, money (often these programs are the same of your parents).

The good news is that like any program, they can be changed into whatever you want, that is, into those beliefs necessary (positive and supportive) for success, self-esteem and economic abundance. You can do this with a PSYCH-K ® course in just a few minutes, and the new programs will be yours for life (or as long as you need them).

PSYCH-K® courses help you resolve conflicts in a relationship: at the beginning (almost) all relationships are splendid, everything seems so wonderful because you tend to only see the beauty in the other person and are willing to adapt as never. As time passes, however, the beliefs (programs) that you have learned from your family and the environment around you emerge.

If these are programs of love, acceptance, patience, adaptability, honesty, then your relationships will be splendid and you will not need PSYCH-K ®. If, however, you continue to end and start new relationships, it is very likely that you have limiting programs in this area such as: abuse, betrayal, abandonment wounds, difficulty communicating and expressing emotions and feelings.

Even in this case, if you really want to change the root of the conflicts in your relationships, it is necessary to change the programs you have on a subconscious level (so as not to continue recreating the same situations relationship after relationship after relationship...). PSYCH-K ® can help you quickly and concretely escape the vicious circle of unhappy or unsatisfactory relationships.

PSYCH-K® courses help you resolve stressful events that don't allow you to live peacefully. A bereavement, a failure, an unexpected betrayal... they are all heavy events that can literally change the course of your life. Even when you don't think about these events consciously, they are with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and therefore do not allow you to be completely at peace.

Here too, the PSYCH-K ® intervention gives exceptional results: in a few minutes it allows you to be in a state of peace and non-attachment with respect to the stressful event. Not only will you no longer be a victim of this event but, on the contrary, thanks to the work with PSYCH-K ®, it will have made you stronger.

PSYCH-K® courses help you achieve a state of well-being, sometimes grasping the profound meaning of the ordeals you experience. These may be messengers who are trying to communicate something vital to you. Once you have listened to them and put their suggestions into practice, they will go away.

The more you ignore the messages of a discomfort, the more it will risk getting worse (to be listened to by you). With PSYCH-K ® you can grasp the message extremely precisely, integrate it and ensure that the discomfort no longer "needs" to be with you.

PSYCH-K® courses help you to be aware of who you really are: this is the true essence of PSYCH-K ®. All the problems you have in life have a common origin: the illusion of separation from your spirit, not being aware of your true (wonderful) essence, believing you are limited. The more separated you are from your essence, the more tiring and problem-filled your life will be.

And, above all, it will be characterized by a constant underlying dissatisfaction that nothing and no one will be able to eliminate (gratifications and pleasures distract you for a while, but they also create addiction). With PSYCH-K ® it is possible to achieve a state of profound peace, well-being and satisfaction, regardless of what you are doing or who you are with. Being comfortable with yourself and being aware of who you really are.

How does it work

Fundamentals of the PSYCH-K® method, individual sessions and courses

The essence of PSYCH-K® lies in the theory of Integration of the Cerebral Hemispheres. It is a completely natural condition in which you can access 100% of your brain and not just parts of it. You can access this through specific postures that can be verified through the specific Kinesiological test used by PSYCH-K®. This process involves the collaboration of all levels of your mind: Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious. Think that normally in everyday life you try to achieve your goals only with the help of your conscious mind, which is 5% of your mind. Your subconscious mind is the other 95% and is the one that runs the programs (beliefs).

If you have limiting programs (subconscious mind: 95%), and you try to solve them only with the conscious mind (5%), you can well understand that it will be really difficult to find a solution. With the PSYCH-K ® courses you will learn to create that state of hemispheric integration to align your conscious mind (5%), your subconscious mind (95%) and your Superconscious mind (your inner wisdom), to achieve the your results easily and quickly.

Come funziona una sessione online di PSYCH-K®

PSYCH-K® è un metodo di cambiamento delle credenze che si basa sulla connessione tra conscio, subconscio e superconscio. Questo metodo permette di dialogare con il subconscio utilizzando un linguaggio semplice e diretto, simile a quello di un bambino, per reprogrammare le credenze limitanti e sostituirle con credenze potenzianti.

Il subconscio non parla come noi, con discorsi articolati e complessi. Funziona come un computer che memorizza comandi semplici e li esegue automaticamente. Per esempio, se una persona tocca il fuoco e si scotta, il subconscio memorizza che il fuoco fa male, senza fare distinzioni o considerazioni. Questo meccanismo di protezione può diventare limitante quando le credenze memorizzate non sono più utili o appropriate.

Il Ruolo del Superconscio
Per riprogrammare il subconscio, è necessario chiedere il permesso al superconscio, la parte più alta e connessa dell'anima. Il superconscio ha una visione globale della nostra missione di vita e può approvare o meno le modifiche che vogliamo apportare. Se il superconscio approva il cambiamento, possiamo procedere con l'inserimento del nuovo programma nel subconscio.

Durante una seduta di PSYCH-K®, si inizia con la verifica delle credenze limitanti attraverso test kinesiologici. Questi test permettono di dialogare con il subconscio utilizzando un sistema di risposte sì o no. Il facilitatore guida la persona nel processo di identificazione e reprogrammazione delle credenze limitanti.

1. Verifica delle Credenze: Utilizzando il test kinesiologico, si identificano le credenze limitanti.
2. Permesso del Superconscio: Si chiede il permesso al superconscio per apportare modifiche alle credenze.
3. Bilanciamento: Si procede con il bilanciamento delle credenze, inserendo nuove affermazioni potenzianti.
4. Piano d'Azione: Si stabilisce un piano d'azione per rafforzare i nuovi programmi nel subconscio.

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The unique features of PSYCH-K®
PSYCH-K® allows the full collaboration of all levels of your mind - Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious - and through a set of kinesiological tests and postures that facilitate the integration of the brain's hemispheres, facilitates the change of programs called limiting beliefs , stored on a subconscious level.
It breaks old paradigms according to which change must necessarily be long, painful and often with side effects.

PSYCH-K® courses teach you how to transform limiting beliefs and automatic behaviors that disempower you to transform your fears into peace and non-attachment, allowing you to do things you previously didn't have the courage to do or face situations that paralyzed you . You can thus achieve your goals faster and easier, transforming your limitations into allies with the help of your inner wisdom in harmony with Nature.

The practical application of PSYCH-K® in your personal and professional life brings a deep sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual peace and satisfaction.

A PSYCH-K® session can be done in person or online via Skype®.
PSYCH-K® courses can be done in person or online. Write to for information




How to learn more with an individual session or by following PSYCH-K® coursesHow to get the most out of an online PSYCH-K® session?

Before your session with a PSYCH-K® facilitator it is important that you have your goal clear in mind. What do you want to solve, transform, achieve? The more specific you are, the simpler and more evident the results of the session will be. You will establish action plans with the facilitator that will help facilitate, increase and transform the potential of the session into everyday life. You can schedule another session. Welcome to the world of accelerated change with PSYCH-K®!

PSYCH-K® and other methods/techniques/practices

PSYCH-K ® is a method that integrates very well with many other practices in the field of personal evolution with disciplines such as Astrosophy, Meditation, Sound Treatments, Chromotherapy, Bioresonance etc.

How to choose a PSYCH-K® facilitator

A PSYCH-K ® facilitator must have attended PSYCH-K ® courses taught by a Certified Instructor.

PSYCH-K® Courses can only be taught by a certified instructor

Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

Astrosofa, astrologer and life coach, channeled her passion into the construction of Phedros. Graduated in Economics, she abandoned strategic consultancy to dedicate herself to astrology and spiritual coaching in 2012. Through Phedros he offers online sessions and courses integrating astrosophy, astrology, life coaching, light body meditation and PSYCH-K®.

Professionista che offre letture online dei registri akashici personali con Phedros

Marina Bovolon

A free researcher, like many on the path towards their own Truth, she felt the call of her Soul, of the Divine Interior, after having achieved good professional and emotional satisfaction in her material life which led her to be a mother of two children and an appreciated professional in the Integrated Wellbeing sector where he has operated for 25 years.


Giancarlo Merlo

Kinesiologist, massage physiotherapist, PSYCH-K® certified instructor. After technical-scientific studies, experience at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Turin. Freelance professional and trainer since 1994. Passionate about alternative practices, he has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Universal Energy, Reiki, Fluid Osteopathy. He consulted naturopaths, functional doctors, anthroposophists, experimenting and integrating new knowledge. The discovery of quantum physics, biology and neuroscience was fundamental in his journey.