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Astrology and Astrosophy


Astrosophy is a method of reading the birth chart that uses the modern knowledge of Astrology by integrating it with the wisdom of ancient Eastern philosophies, according to the thirty-year intuitions and experiments of its creator, Fabrizio Mariotti.

The interpretation of the birth chart helps you understand your character and your destiny, as well as answering all the existential and non-existential questions characteristic of astrological readings.

Astrosophy answers you on three levels: material, relational and spiritual, levels which are always - and inextricably - connected to each other.

It helps you make important and concrete decisions when you don't know what to do; helps you understand which dreams and objectives are most in line with your mission and the best times to achieve them; it helps you understand why in some aspects (relationships, work, health) things don't go as you would like or why, instead, they work well.

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Who is it recommended for?

  1. To those who are facing an important change: to have the courage to let go and thus open up to new and better opportunities
  2. To those who are thinking of changing jobs: to understand the causes of dissatisfaction, in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past
  3. To those who are thinking of opening a business: to verify that it is the right sector and the right time, in order to obtain the desired results
  4. To those who wonder if a person is their soul mate: to verify character compatibility and understand even the most challenging aspects, in order to experience the relationship to the fullest
  5. To those who are facing a separation: to understand the reasons for the end and gain the perspective of a new life
  6. To those who are thinking of becoming a parent: to understand when the right time is, so that they can wait for it with joy.
  7. To those who are parents: to learn how to improve the relationship with a child, learning to understand and manage in more constructive ways the automatic reactions that are triggered in some situations.

How can it help you?

The interpretation of the birth chart with Astrosofia® helps you make the right decision: it is important to know what our soul desires, a soul that loves us and knows what can make us truly happy.

By reading your birth chart, the astrosopher clearly sees the purpose of your life and helps you understand why some things come more easily to you and others less so.

When you live in the flow of your destiny, life seems beautiful, simple and joyful; on the contrary, as soon as you try to go against the grain you start to suffer and life becomes difficult.

This is your soul's way of trying to warn you that you're off course, but if you know your course, it's easier to stick to it.

You can identify this route on an energetic and spiritual level, but also check whether specific choices - important and delicate (e.g. am I right to get married? Am I right to change jobs now?) - bring you closer or further away from it.

Obviously Astrosophy also helps you with much more everyday and small choices, for example: choosing whether a holiday at the seaside or in the mountains is better for you (and only for you); whether it is better to go out more often with friends or stay at home with the children; whether to fight to defend your interests or let go; whether to think more about yourself or care more about others.

You can make many of these choices in complete autonomy, if you follow the instructions.

The interpretation of the birth chart with Astrosofia® helps you define dreams and goals: everything becomes easier when you know your highest calling and align yourself with it. Destiny is not something fixed and determined in the way it manifests itself, but it is an obligatory path from the point of view of the type of experiences/energies that must be lived/integrated. Depending on the individual level of awareness, these experiences take different forms and, therefore, you can intervene on the quality of these experiences by increasing your level of awareness (this is free will). If, for example, your destiny requires you to learn to live and integrate into your group, it will be easy to start a family but it will be difficult to lead a solitary, free, autonomous and independent life from everyone. Being aware means accepting and living one's destiny with joy, avoiding - to use the example - chasing the dream of unlikely exotic adventures and instead transferring the desire for adventure onto activities that can be carried out within the social group. Our soul can bring us back on the right course even brutally, forcing us to rejoin the group following an illness or an unpleasant event. Each of us has a different, unique and unrepeatable destiny, but we can live it in millions of different ways.

The interpretation of the birth chart with Astrosofia® helps you understand why some aspects of your life work and others don't: the child who is born is like a photographic plate on which light is imprinted in a form that is also represented by photography of the sky at the exact moment of birth. This impression defines his character and his destiny, his points of awareness and his shadow side. As soon as he is born, he begins a journey, he moves through life and this happens in harmony with the movement of the rest of the universe. We can compare this movement to the movement of the planets of the solar system against the background of the constellations. The sky chart thus becomes a tool for understanding events and situations from a spiritual perspective, identifying the lessons to be learned to evolve. Like any other being, in daily life he will have difficulties in some areas rather than others, indicating that on some issues he has the opportunity to transform difficulties into talents, and thus evolve towards greater awareness (and therefore joy). . The first step is to understand that the difficulties and the lessons to be learned are already written at the moment of birth. This wonderful discovery opens your mind and heart to new perspectives of change, helps you to give up victimhood and regain your power. And it also allows your innate talents and how to best use them to emerge.

The interpretation of the birth chart with Astrosofia® helps you discover which parts of you are in light and which parts are in shadow (in the Jungian sense): the parts in light are in tune with your desires, those in shadow are potential enemies ‒ if they are not appropriately understood and integrated. Also in this case it is possible to remain at a generic level of definition or go down to the specific: together with the astrosopher you can identify precise behaviors that can unconsciously become self-destructive. When a child is born he takes the character of one of the two parents to whom he feels similar (light parent), from the other parent (shadow parent), he wishes to distance himself, to lead a different life (because he wants to have different characteristics). As an adult, he realizes that he has become more and more like his shadow parent. How many times has it happened to you, over time, that someone has pointed out to you that you are becoming like your mother (or your father) with a subtle streak of criticism? If you know which of the two parents represents your shadow, you know which parent you can work on to integrate his qualities (avoiding focusing on his shortcomings). This way you can avoid unconsciously acquiring and replicating their behavior. Astrosophy helps you clearly understand who the shadow parent is: the shadow parent is not necessarily the parent you have the most problems with, but it can be the parent you get along with. Sometimes the parent you argue with is also the one with whom relationships are clearest (even if it seems strange). The shadow manifests itself in ‒ even ‒ subtle ways, precisely with that parent with whom we seem to have a better relationship, the one we try to protect but about whom we ultimately think “I will never be like him (or her)” .

The interpretation of the birth chart with Astrosofia® helps you to know the secret of lasting relationships: with traditional astrology we tend to emphasize the role of some planets such as Mars and Venus to verify the compatibility of the couple. In the holistic discipline of Astrosophy, the planets of destiny, or slow planets, are used with great effectiveness. The astrosophical language set on three levels (matter-relationships-spirit) allows you to analyze relationships from a very broad and detailed perspective, identifying both karmic themes and small daily difficulties."

How does it work

The first reading of the birth chart offers a general overview of one's life and the opportunity to see it with new eyes; for example, you will learn that a woman always recognizes herself in her ascendant zodiac sign, while a man recognizes himself in the sign of the Sun.

We therefore advise you to prepare by trying to create a quiet moment, without disturbances or other commitments, to be open and receptive.

Even if during the first reading of the birth chart you have moments of profound understanding and contact with your soul opens or strengthens, the information received is many and often requires time to be truly understood and metabolised.

We therefore recommend that you listen to the recording of the birth chart reading a few days later, reflecting and listening to your inner voice.

In many cases, listening to the recording again - even months or years later - allows us to strengthen our confidence in being part of a plan bigger than ourselves, to perceive a greater sense of unity with the surrounding world and to understand the meaning of our life .

If you find yourself in a particularly difficult moment, it is possible to do one or a second reading of the birth chart within a few weeks, so as to better address specific issues.

The astrosoper avoids creating forms of dependence on the instrument, an instrument which can indeed help to rediscover inner guidance, but which must absolutely never replace it.

Generally, the reading of the birth chart should take place no more than once/twice a year, although, depending on personal needs, one can be flexible. Reading is available online (via Skype®, Whatsapp or other videoconferencing system).

Learn more

Astrosophy and Astrology help define your path and make strategic decisions in your life, but if you want to start a guided spiritual path, there are many techniques and disciplines that you can combine, such as: Life Coaching, PSYCH-K® , Akashic Records, Biocostellations®.

During the session ask your holistic practitioner to help you understand which techniques/practices/disciplines are best suited to you.

You embark on a personal journey of growth and self-development aimed at searching for the profound meaning of human events and the evolution of your own awareness.

We study existential events and the different ways of perceiving the events themselves: everyday realism and existential philosophy. The symbols of modern astrology are used (Sun, Moon, ascendant, lunar nodes...) but with a new point of view.

The Phedros professional has achieved a good level of personal awareness and has innate characteristics of sensitivity and understanding on a psychic level (to know how to communicate in the right way without creating conditioning).

The tool used is very powerful, but it is the quality of those who use it that determines the quality of the results.

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Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

Astrosofa, astrologer and life coach, channeled her passion into the construction of Phedros. Graduated in Economics, she abandoned strategic consultancy to dedicate herself to astrology and spiritual coaching in 2012. Through Phedros he offers online sessions and courses integrating astrosophy, astrology, life coaching, light body meditation and PSYCH-K®.

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Caterina Storti

Expert in various techniques, including Reiki, Astrosophy, Astrology, Metaphysics, Channeling and Ericksonian Hypnosis. These skills allow me to guide and support those who wish to explore their past and their potential to achieve spiritual awareness and growth in a complete way.