metodo delle biocostellazioni con Giuseppe Tantillo per Phedros


A synthesis between the simple laws of biology and the simple laws of the consciousness of the spirit. It is a new life aid tool that brings together the 5 Biological Laws and the medial and spiritual constellations created by Gabriele Policardo.

Biology, the processes of the body are subject to consciousness.

Through the bioconstellations we can observe that everything we call a symptom is nothing more than the tangible effect of a spiritual movement created by a suspended relationship. When a person feels that his love is no longer able to flow towards a person he loves, be it a parent, a child, a partner or a companion... this held, suspended, blocked love transforms into a spiritual movement that becomes a physical symptom.

Through a bioconstellation the person looks at a representative of the loved one with different eyes and if he manages to thank him also for the pain he caused him, his love starts to flow again, the spiritual phenomenon that had given rise to the physical symptom recedes and the physical symptom it can transform or disappear.

Bioconstellations place personal responsibility at the center. It is a path of knowledge and awareness, in which each symptom is seen as a creative movement of the spirit, not only at an individual level, but at the level of the entire system from which the person comes.

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Who is it recommended for?

  • For those who want to resolve issues in emotional relationships
  • For those who want to resolve issues relating to money
  • To those who want to resolve professional issues
  • To those who have symptoms that can trace back to a suspended relationship
  • For those who want to understand recurring events on the same dates
  • To those who want to understand the spiritual reason for the occurrence of accidents on the same dates
  • For those who want to understand repetitive dynamics dating back to past generations
    Group sessions in person, individual sessions in person and online

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You will learn:

the biology of body messages;
the four levels of body messages;
Levels of Consciousness;
the Orders of Love;
the Orders of Success;
systemic dynamics.

Giuseppe Tantillo

Giuseppe Tantillo, born in Sicily in 1977, is a former Army marshal who has embraced the mission of helping others. After various studies and degrees, he dedicated himself to practices such as EFT, Logosynthesis®, Spiritual and Non-Verbal Hypnosis, and Biocostellations®. Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy, he also followed the "Prometeo" Coaching School and the 4th Way teachings. Conducts biological checks and offers help through listening in relationships.