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Giuseppe Tantillo

BIOCOSTELLATIONS: collective meeting

BIOCOSTELLATIONS: collective meeting

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The Biocostellazioni seminar in person with Giuseppe Tantillo is only available on specific dates, write to to find out what the next date will be near you.

The Biocostellations® are born from the application and fusion between the Five Biological Laws and the new Medial and Spiritual Constellations. Every phenomenon in the body is seen and treated as a creative movement of the spirit, not of the single individual, but of the entire system from which it comes.

Physical and behavioral phenomena are resolved through awareness of the "disorder" which expresses the violation of the freedom of the soul and of everyone's right to be respected.

Thanks to the 5 Laws it is verified that every phenomenon is a form of relationship with someone as a survival and adaptation response.

This experience does not replace the therapeutic processes, but integrates them, supports them and does not contrast or weaken everything that exists and is effective. It is a moment of aggregation of travelers during which you will be able to observe the condition you wish to change.

The participants, as representatives, will move within a family field of consciousness in order to search for the hidden truths, secrets and interdependencies existing between the members of a family. Change always occurs in the awareness of the disorder to arrive at reconciliation, which sometimes also takes on the sole and exclusive value of recognition. You can participate only by observing; if you feel a signal within you, you can ask to explore your condition.


Reception at 09.00 am;

from 09.30 Active meditation;
Sacred Sufi dance movements, exercises on the body's energy meridians;
breath and water break;

from 10.15 am practical experience with the Biocostellation with lunch break from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm;

from 6.00pm to 7.00pm regressive hypnosis, Brian Weiss method.

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What to expect?

You will be welcomed with joy and you will be able to participate by observing and if you feel a signal within yourself and you will be able to ask and you will be accompanied on the listening journey to explore your conscience so that the conditions for new awareness are created in favor of a Change facilitated by awareness of the "disorder" to arrive at Reconciliation which sometimes also takes the value of Recognizing and experiencing a Transformation in the Body, internal and behavioral in order to reduce or bring to a solution a manifestation of the Body .

What you will learn:

* the biology of the body's messages;

* the four levels of body messages;

* Levels of Consciousness;

* the Orders of Love;

* the Orders of Success;

* systemic dynamics: family loyalty; Love, blind, mature, unconditional, needy and innocent love; the Interrupted Movement; the Suspended Relationship; the Script of life; the Ancestors Syndrome; Missing Twin Syndrome; Meditation on the Bard;


The manifestations of the body will be observed only and exclusively from a biological, systemic, family point of view and as a creative movement of the spirit, respecting the freedom of the sacred space of the Client with its therapies, treatments, therapeutic paths on whose choices no one has the right to comment .

“From a systemic perspective, problems are failed attempts at love, and the love that maintains the problem can be channeled toward the solution. The therapist's task is, first of all, to trace the point at which the patient loves... and the same love that fueled the problem solves it" (Bert Hellinger).

Where and when


Sunday 28 January from 09:00 to 18:30

Share Center, via Carvina 1, 6807 Torricella-Taverne

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Giuseppe Tantillo

Giuseppe Tantillo, former Army Marshal, dedicates his life to assistance through Biocostellations®, EFT, Logosynthesis®, Spiritual and Non-Verbal Hypnosis. Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy, he offers well-being support through holistic and personalized approaches.