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Giuseppe Tantillo

BIOCOSTELLATIONS - individual online session

BIOCOSTELLATIONS - individual online session

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The Biocostellations® integrate Hellinger's Family Constellations with body language, emotional blocks and problems, which are seen as opportunities to identify new paths of personal and spiritual growth.

After booking and purchasing the session you will receive an automatic confirmation via email. The appointment will be reconfirmed by Giuseppe who will write to you via email.

During the individual online consultation via Skype or Zoom, lasting approximately 75 minutes, we will observe the physical and psychic messages of the body, problems and blocks in light of the movements of the spirit. Every symptom and every dysfunctional dynamic is in fact a profound movement of the spirit that manifests itself in the psyche and body, in relationships, in life events: they are phenomena that, although appearing in the individual, belong to the entire family system. The Biocostellations and the medial and spiritual Constellations are at the service of understanding, growth and healing.

The consultation lasts a maximum of one and a half hours. After three weeks, upon request, a further meeting is included to find out how it is going and integrate the process following the ongoing changes.

Particular attention will be paid to messages from the body such as interrupted movements and suspended relationships.

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Learn more about what the symptom is

According to Bert Hellinger the symptom:

  • always represents someone
  • it is an opportunity for growth, adaptation, evolution
  • it brings to light an excluded person in the family system
  • connects the individual to his family and relational network
  • it always allows you to observe what is rejected
  • it comes from a withheld and unresolved love
  • constitutes trapped energy
  • it often arises as an interrupted movement towards someone
  • it is at the service of peace, of healing, of life

Looking at the messages of the body from the point of view of the spirit and in a systemic way, we do not go into the merits of any therapies, cures, therapeutic paths, which belong to the sacred space of the individual's freedom, on whose choices no one has the right to comment .

Through individual online Biocostellations you will have the opportunity to "look" at your symptom and open yourself up to a possible solution.

From a systemic perspective, problems are failed attempts at love, and the love that maintains the problem can be channeled toward the solution. The facilitator's task is, first of all, to trace the point in which the patient loves... and the same love that fueled the problem solves it.

During the online session you will be able to see your body messages and problems, blocks or dysfunctional movements, in the light of the Biocostellations® and the Spiritual and Medial Constellations and you will be able to restructure each movement and bring it back to the right biological and systemic pattern.

To book your session online

Click on the Buy button, complete your order and you will receive an email from Giuseppe Tantillo with the link to choose the day and time of the online session.

Giuseppe Tantillo

Giuseppe Tantillo, former Army Marshal, dedicates his life to assistance through Biocostellations®, EFT, Logosynthesis®, Spiritual and Non-Verbal Hypnosis. Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy, he offers well-being support through holistic and personalized approaches.