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Regressive hypnosis

To overcome traumas and fears by going back to what happened in previous lives

Hypnosis is a natural way of being of man. Over the centuries it has had various interpretations and applications.

We naturally experience hypnosis without realizing it, watching a wonderful sunset, while we are concentrated and excited in front of a film, sometimes while driving or reading a book. Regressive hypnosis is different from classic hypnosis in terms of assumptions, methodologies and purposes.

The hypnologist regressive to previous lives is never imposing, authoritarian or manipulative, but recognizes and respects the characteristics of each individual client, who remains conscious and alert for the entire duration of the session.

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Who is it recommended for?

  • To all individuals who have reached the age of majority and do not suffer from mental problems treated with some psychotropic drugs.
  • To those who have fears or traumas that they cannot overcome such as the fear of flying, the fear of the dark, of insects, claustrophobia, and all other inexplicable fears.
  • To those who want to resolve problems present in current life that do not find a cause in this life and which therefore could derive from the neonatal, fetal period or from previously lived lives.

How can it help you?

What are the benefits of a past life regression hypnosis session?

With Hypnosis we stop feeling like victims of events and assume all responsibility for what happens to us in our current existence. All of this leads us to grow and heal from a spiritual point of view.

Past life regression hypnosis sessions bring many benefits including:

1. The recovery of memories of previous lives

2. The positive discovery of the meaning of living

3. The promotion of the process of transformation, evolution and growth of the person

4. Improvement of interpersonal relationships and with oneself

5. Increased self-love

6. Resolution or in any case reduction of conflicts, fears, traumas, repetitive errors, wrong choices

7. Awareness of why we love certain places in the world, but reject others, why we are interested in certain disciplines and arts and not others and so on..

8. Rediscovery of soul mates and past loves

9. Recognize the members of our soul family through lives.

10. Learning the lessons of love and compassion

11. Ability to receive messages from the deceased in light

12. Feeling immortal and defeating the fear of death

How does it work

How does a regressive hypnosis session work?

A regressive hypnosis session begins with relaxation that leads to a deep and meditative state of consciousness.
Your brain waves slow down and you enter a brain state called deep alpha and then theta. The Delta state, which is that of amnesia, is never reached under any circumstances and the person always remembers everything that happens during the process.

Your attention will move from the outside to the inside of you, you will enter another dimension, experiencing a strong state of well-being.
You will be in a timeless dimension of non-thought.

Your memory, sensory, and emotional capabilities will expand, so you can access the mysteries and wonders of your past.
You will see with your inner eyes, or hear voices, smells from distant times, where you lived.

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Hypnosis does not make you passive and submissive, but protagonists of your own regressive hypnosis session. Hypnosis is not sleep, it is not a loss of consciousness or control, it is not amnesia at the end of the experience.

A person can lie or remain silent during the session if he considers it necessary for himself. The hypnologist cannot make us do things that we do not want to do and we are not controlled by the hypnologist. Regressive hypnosis: the history Regressive hypnosis was created in 1975 as an official method by Raymond Moody, who spoke about it for the first time in his book "Life beyond life". But Moody then mostly dealt with near-death experiences.

The large-scale dissemination of this technique is the work of Brian Weiss, an American psychiatrist, author of many books on the subject and who has regressed over 4,000 people. For him, hypnosis is a simple, safe and natural state of relaxed concentration." “The soul is like a magnetic disk made of particles.
It records all the experiences and all the information in our lives.

When the body dies, the higher self that had incarnated ascends to a different level of the Universe.
Then, at the moment of conception, when the egg and the sperm meet, this diskette formats the fertilized egg which then carries with it both the genetic information and the memories of its soul” (DALAI LAMA). What happens during a regressive hypnosis session The Regressive Hypnosis session on previous lives is an internal journey, in search of fragments of previous lives useful for overcoming fears and traumas present in the current life and for understanding repulsions and attractions towards things, places and objects present in this life.

By doing a Regressive Hypnosis session you also complete a profound spiritual journey, you understand that life is infinite, there is never a true death, you go from one existence to the next without ever an end. Lives are not detached from each other, but are connected by a karmic chain, in each life through the experiences of pain and joy one acquires fundamental virtues to one day exit the wheel of incarnations, becoming Masters who stay on the 5th floor of existence.

The masters who have acquired all the virtues reincarnate on Earth only to help other men by raising the vibrational level on the Planet.

What is an example of results obtained with regressive hypnosis?

25% of men today believe in reincarnation, first recognized by the Sumerians in 3200 BC. Carl Gustav Jung also talks about reincarnation. Even those who do not believe in reincarnation can carry out regressive hypnosis sessions on previous lives, reading the images that come to them as metaphorical messages from the deep mind and benefiting from spiritual growth and the reduction of fears and traumas.

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