Giuseppe Tantillo

Giuseppe Tantillo, a former Army marshal born in Sicily in 1977, dedicates himself to helping others. With studies and degrees, he is an expert in EFT, Logosynthesis®, Spiritual and Non-Verbal Hypnosis, and Biocostellations®. Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy and "Prometeo" Coaching, he uses methodologies such as Gustav Birth, Logosintesi®, and Biocostellazioni® to promote well-being and awareness.

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Gabriele Policardo, a great author, in 2014, after almost 10 years of constant study on the Five Biological Laws and hundreds of checks, began, almost spontaneously, to apply them to the new Spiritual and Medial Constellations of Dr. Bert and Sophie Hellinger. It was natural then to call this new type of approach the name Biocostellations.

Past life therapy

Dr Brian WEISS's Past Life Therapy is a technique that leads the person to bring out a recent brain memory, a cellular memory, a memory connected to one's ancestors, a memory that emerged from a dream or from creative processes that we metaphorically use to show a discomfort or describe a symptom.
In hypnosis sessions you never lose control, a part of the mind maintains a percentage of presence, it is a very gentle technique, it is above all self-regulating, the person will be able to achieve their own relaxation based on their conditions.

Gustav Birth method hypnosis

Hypnosis, according to this method, is a technique whose peculiar characteristics are the sweetness of the process, the delicacy of the visualizations based on the sensations of well-being, peace and brightness towards what is observed. This method is very different from classic hypnosis procedures, where inductions are linked to procedures that lead the client to visualize and imagine a certain state to be achieved. The techniques of Spiritual Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Hypnosis are distinguished.


In 2005 Dr. Willem Lammers, psychotherapist created a new model of self-help and guided change. Through sensoriality with the accompaniment of strategic phrases, conditions are created for improper energy release and the recovery of one's energies blocked in behaviors, places and times of the past. The bodily and emotional reactions to the memory will be milder, the dissolution and recovery almost immediate. It recalls that fragment of the self that had "detached" at the moment of the painful event and which had remained literally frozen in space and time, giving rise to a sort of energetic enclave.

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