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Caterina Storti

Complete birth chart reading

Complete birth chart reading

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Reading your birth chart is an opportunity to explore your evolutionary path and inner awareness through the analysis of your astrological profile. It reconnects to the moment of your birth, resuming the evolutionary cycle left pending at the moment of your previous physical existence. This approach offers a unique perspective on your spiritual journey, helping you better understand your life mission and the challenges you face to progress. The reading, conducted via Skype® or telephone, lasts approximately 75 minutes, a space to deeply explore the astral influences that shape your personality and destiny. By reading your birth chart, you can take a significant step forward towards understanding yourself and your spiritual path and gain clarity on the dynamics that exist. they repeat throughout your existence.

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Caterina Storti

Medical masseuse graduated in 2001, founder of the Aquilone Center in Lugano, specialized in Reiki, Theta Healing, Astrosophy, Astrology, Integrated healing massage, Channeling and Ericksonian Hypnosis. I offer online astrological consultancy from Chiasso, with a passion for astrology that guides my training for increasingly accurate readings.