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Caterina Storti

Ask the Sky with Horary Astrology

Ask the Sky with Horary Astrology

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Horary astrology, developed by William Lilly in 1647, answers specific questions about love, work, and more. The astrologer analyzes the planetary positions at the time of the question, offering symbolic clarity on the current situation and future predictions. Questions can be about love, work, travel and more, requiring clarity and sincerity.

Examples of questions we can ask in an online horary astrology consultation: Does he really love me? Will my child pass the exam? Will I find a new job? Is it better to keep this job or is it better to change? Will I win this case? Will the debtor pay what he owes me? Will the money come in? Will I receive news? Is it better to change lawyers? Will it be a long-lasting relationship? The package has been lost, will it be found? Will there be a fine? Will I find a new collaborator? Will this annoying back pain stop or should I consult a doctor?

It is important to accept every answer, even if it does not match your expectations. Responses are given within two working days via email, with an estimated timing for the event. Book your hourly astrology consultation online with Caterina Storti by clicking on Buy.

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You can proceed with the purchase of the service, you will receive an automatic confirmation email and Caterina will then write to you via email to schedule the appointment.

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You can proceed to purchase the service, you will receive an automatic confirmation email and I could write your question to, then Caterina will write to you via email to answer your question.

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Caterina Storti

Medical masseuse graduated in 2001, founder of the Aquilone Center in Lugano, specialized in Reiki, Theta Healing, Astrosophy, Astrology, Integrated healing massage, Channeling and Ericksonian Hypnosis. I offer online astrological consultancy from Chiasso, with a passion for astrology that guides my training for increasingly accurate readings.