Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

Astrosofa, astrologer and life coach, has transferred her passion to the construction of the Phedros project. Connecting the study of the sky with the existential path, it offers sessions and online courses in astrosophy, astrology, life coaching, light body meditation and PSYCH-K®.

Find out more about Viviana Bertoglio

Find out more about Viviana Bertoglio

What Viviana offers

Astrosophist, astrologer and life coach, she offers online sessions and courses integrating astrosophy, astrology, life coaching, light body meditation and PSYCH-K®. Astrosophy combines Eastern karmic vision and Western astrology. Life coaching based on universal laws makes people responsible for their own destiny. PSYCH-K® allows the transformation of limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. Guided meditations allow you to create a reality aligned with your higher purpose.

What is the difference between Astrology and Astrosophy

Astrosophy offers a complementary vision to classical Astrology, integrating Eastern philosophies and Western science and thus making age-old pseudoscience closer than ever to contemporary science. The individual birth chart is read and interpreted as a morphogenetic energy field - where the planets are chakras and the signs are meridians - which interfaces and is reflected with the family energy field and with the universal energy field, generating greater light in subsequent interactions and therefore awareness. Despite the apparent complexity, this reading of the birth chart is close to everyday problems and allows us to face them by understanding their deepest meaning, the message that is revealed to the rational mind through the connection with the superior mind and allows us to grow internally to all levels. Viviana has a psychological interpretative method, she entrusts the reins of destiny to the person, makes them responsible and carefully avoids making conditioning predictions of the future.

In recent years Viviana has deepened her study of classical Hellenistic astrology and has come to integrate many of the classical teachings into her practice and online astrology courses.

What is Life Coaching based on universal laws

There are many life coaching techniques. The one based on universal laws, and in particular on the law of attraction, uses the teachings of Abraham-Hicks (see the book “Ask and it will be given to you”) and transmits easy techniques to the person to raise their own vibrational state in order to achieve frequencies closer to what is desired to facilitate the realization of one's desires. Even in this case, first of all we need to be aware that the responsibility for what happens to us is ours alone and that negative events are manifestations of a low vibratory state maintained for too long, therefore always attracted to us even if unconsciously. Read more about the law of attraction and about life coaching in our blog .

Viviana offers a trial session during an information interview via Skype at the end of which you can decide whether to undertake a complete journey (minimum 4 hours).

PSYCH-K® and the reprogramming of the subconscious

The power of the mind and the reprogramming of the subconscious through PSYCH-K® are fundamental to achieving a joyful life. A PSYCH-K® session can, for example, address the relationship with money or with a person. Using specific affirmations, you transform subconscious programming by replacing limiting beliefs with new empowering goals. As a facilitator I guide through PSYCH-K® postures and balances, identifying subconscious resistance and facilitating meaningful changes. The simple and fast approach of PSYCH-K® aims to eliminate subconscious resistance, bringing us closer to our desired goals. The process can lead to profound awareness and positive changes in perceptions and emotions, harnessing the power of the mind and the guidance of the superconscious.

What is the Light Body technique?

Once we have learned how to manage our emotions using the techniques of the law of attraction to raise our vibration, it is possible to move on to the next stage, which requires having achieved awareness of the existence of our higher self and the need to get in touch with our soul to better know and act in alignment with our life's mission. We are made up of many subtle bodies that go beyond the physical body and this technique allows us to develop psychic abilities to become more aware of subtle energies and work with them. It allows you to experience expanded states of consciousness that bring clarity, new ideas and insights. It helps us understand that it is possible to create our own reality in alignment with our highest purpose, to let go of things that no longer serve us, to manifest a wonderful, joyful, abundant life.

The Light Body technique can be enjoyed by listening live or recorded to guided meditations-visualizations that allow you to come into contact with your own soul and that of others to understand the superior plan that guides us, accept it and create the our new fulfilling reality in line with it.

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