Giancarlo Merlo

Kinesiologist, massophysiotherapist and certified PSYCH-K® Instructor with technical-scientific training, ISEF and massophysiotherapy school. After 12 years at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Turin, I started private practice in 1994. Specializing in alternative techniques such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Reiki, Fluid Osteopathy and approaches in functional medicine, anthroposophy and quantum physics .

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PSYCH-K® instructor

PSYCH-K is a method for changing subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits of thinking and behaving. It's a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that are limiting your self-esteem, relationships, work performance, and physical health. PSYCH-K is described as a spiritual process with psychological benefits, understood as a derivation of the word psyche, meaning "mind", "soul" or "spirit".

The overall goal of PSYCH-K is to help you free your mind from limiting beliefs to open you up to seeing yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience.

The PSYCH-K® basic course

Giancarlo Merlo is one of the first instructors certified by Rob Williams, the creator of PSYCH-K, to teach PSYCH-K in Italy. The PSYCH-K basic course is open to anyone who wants to learn to change using the subconscious mind. No particular training is required, just openness, desire to change, curiosity. You will be able to immediately apply PSYCH-K successfully to your life

The individual PSYCH-K® session

To experience PSYCH-K it is not necessary to take the course. The individual PSYCH-K session can be held in person or via Skype®. You will be guided in the technique and will be able to change your limiting beliefs in a short time. You can book your individual session via Skype with Giancarlo Merlo here

The intentions of the creator of PSYCH-K®

“Our civilization is currently facing an epochal change in human consciousness and we are all doing our part, consciously or unconsciously. Every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional, is profoundly affected. By using PSYCH-K®, you can help positively direct this change. PSYCH-K allows you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs that limit the full expression of your potential in life, as a spiritual being having a human experience. This includes your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

When you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the imprint of your life and the world around you!

The original instructions for living a satisfying and happy life can be found in Nature's Wisdom. The answer to many of our problems in life can be found in the Wisdom of Nature but we often get lost in the details of life and lose sight of the big picture. The solution to many of our personal, as well as global, economic, political and ecological problems could be found if we paid attention to the wisdom embedded in Nature in our daily lives. This wisdom is represented in the 11 Principles of Nature available in the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop, where you will learn how to tap into the Wisdom of Nature to create sustainable inner peace and more happiness in your life!”

Rob Williams, creator of PSYCH-K®

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