Professionista che offre letture online dei registri akashici personali con Phedros

Marina Bovolon

A free researcher, like many on the path towards their own Truth, she felt the call of her Soul, of the Divine Interior, after having achieved good professional and emotional satisfaction in her material life which led her to be a mother of two children and an appreciated professional in the Integrated Wellbeing sector where he has operated for 25 years.

She has a scientific-humanistic school education, has been an operator in the wellness sector since 1988, a Psych-K facilitator since 2009 and a reader of the Akashic Records since 2019.

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Serving as a lightworker

Already in taking care of people in terms of psychophysical well-being, he had developed a "doing" in an authentic and spontaneous holistic perspective that was still little known at the time. Guided by intuition and sensitivity to listening, she had developed her own method of working on the body with interesting findings of the mind-body-soul connection, entering into the depths and communicating through touch to the entirety of the Being of the person being treated .

In the same way, guided by self-revelation, she lived her own experience of inner growth, developing a listening attitude aimed at understanding her own Becoming which led her to clearly become aware of the self-evolutionary process.

This process always starts from the manifestation of a direct experience in which one can let oneself flow by entrusting oneself completely and unconditionally to the Guidance of the Higher Self and arrives at the acquisition of the teaching and "training" intrinsic to the experience itself, fixing the benefit within oneself as " lesson” acquired.

The conscious mind remains outside the experience itself because the understanding of the intellectual meaning is not essential to lead to a tangible result, in fact we act on other levels where everything is simultaneous and omnipresent. Only in the last resort and if necessary, intellectual and logical decoding can be satisfied, sometimes even after a very significant time, but this does not compromise the achievement of the objective at all and indeed is an indispensable condition.

PSYCH-K® Facilitator

She defines herself as a "facilitator" as suggested by the PSYCH-K® system of working on beliefs, of which she learned the basic technique in 2009 by practicing it on herself in a capillary and assiduous way. He worked on deconditioning the subconscious mind from the system of disempowering beliefs until he created his own freely chosen one, in harmony and completely adhering to his most authentic being.

By applying this work technique on himself for over ten years he learned to activate and connect both cerebral hemispheres and to maintain this state of hemispheric interaction for significant periods of time. This condition was the factor that determined a further development of the intuitive mind and spontaneous channeling faculties, of which she was not aware until she encountered the Akashic Records on her path.

Reader of the Akashic Records

After having self-developed the necessary sensitivity, acquired the ritual from expert people and with years of practice to be able to open first the Personal Akashic Records and then the Universal ones, he consistently and daily implemented this communication with the Divine to the point of understanding its language and decoding the messages of self-realization and, thanks to this experience, now proposes to the person who feels the need to follow the same path of understanding.

She declares herself immensely grateful to Life for having brought her this far and for allowing her to encounter the Akashic Records on her path, thus entering into a more dense and exhaustive dialogue on the paths that the Soul chooses to nourish itself, in the process of evolution which he has the possibility of implementing, incarnating and physically living on this planet.

The role of the facilitator is to live a significant evolutionary experience, becoming master of it and, creating a real difference for oneself, making it available for others, in order to facilitate the evocation of the same experience and possibility of growth.

Its Mission is precisely this: to facilitate, through the reading of the Personal Akashic Records, the understanding of who we are, what our internal obstacles to growth are, what the arrows for our bow, our talents and what the healing processes are. Through this channeled method which has gone from spontaneous to professional, she aims to help those who feel they need it to come into contact with the Voice of their Higher Self which, by becoming a guide, shows the path of self-search, just like what happened to her. .

In a world in catharsis like the one we live in today, it is extremely important to understand in the general picture of things, where we as single individuals fit into a personal, planetary and cosmic evolutionary context, combining the problems of our daily lives with the needs of our personality and the choices of our Soul.

Every human being is different and the Personal Akashic Records are a mirror of this wonderful Uniqueness and Beauty of Being and Marina, like other people who have had the knowledge and the possibility of concrete use, deeply feels the luck and honor of being able be its Spokesperson.

With simplicity, lightness and love it makes available to those who feel in resonance with this way of evolving, everything that has worked and continues to work in their path of personal and spiritual growth where self-revelation and the Guidance of their own Divine Spark are the True Masters.

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