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Marina Bovolon

PSYCH-K® individual sessions themed package

PSYCH-K® individual sessions themed package

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PSYCH-K® is a series of principles and processes designed to subconsciously change beliefs that limit the expression of the full potential of a Divine Creature having a human experience.

Rob Williams, creator of PSYCH-K® 

It is a methodology that introduces an intimate and profound personal journey that leads to different results according to the purpose and needs of those who use it.

A process that helps to pursue one's goals, dissolving those parts of the belief system that sabotage their achievement, allows one to transform the perception of oneself and of life events and to recognize one's potential at both a conscious and subconscious level to create a more satisfying reality, more connected to authentic self-expression.

For specific problems such as repeated conflicts, recurring sick or negative dynamics, difficulties in relationships and automatic or compulsive behaviors it can serve to transform limits, blocks and resistances created by disempowering beliefs, allowing one to enter one's full potential to manifest the solution or liberation from the problem into reality. same problem.

An excellent complement to traditional medical treatments for health-related situations, it allows us to understand the profound message, the energetic, spiritual or karmic root of the disease or symptom and helps to activate the body's innate and spontaneous self-healing capacity which manifests itself when acquires awareness of the message contained in them.

In spiritual growth, favoring a state of Hemispheric Integration, a state of consciousness that activates both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, with voluntary action and for a prolonged time, facilitates the opening of the connection channel with one's Spiritual Guide and allows the access to Higher Consciousness.

Following the PSYCH-K® training path, this methodology can be performed independently.

As a Light operator, in the personal support system that I have developed over the years, I have been able to experience its effectiveness and the immediacy of the results using the PSYCH-K® methodology after reading the Personal Akashic Records in case the Masters have indicated it as a specific tool to resolve a topic to be discussed, a blockage, a wound or any other impediment whose resolution becomes a priority and indispensable for the evolution of the subject.

Generally the individual sessions carried out for this purpose last 20 minutes each and are carried out at close range, according to the possibilities and the rhythm that the person's energy system can support.

To bring the topic to a solution, we work with a small series of meetings following the indications of the person's Higher Self, indications that change according to the evolution of the ongoing solution process, which is why they are tested from session to session.

The the cost of the thematic package which includes a maximum of four meetings is €120 and sessions are performed via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

NB to book sessions you will receive the link via email after making the purchase

The Secret of Life is BELIEFS. Rather than genes, our beliefs control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a set of simple self-help techniques for changing beliefs and perceptions that impact your life on a cellular level. Bruce Lipton, PhD 

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Important information

Who wrote the Akashic Records

We are talking about an intangible, extra sensorial and extra existential dimension in which space and time do not exist, of a Multidimensional Quantum Energy capable of recording everything that is present in all dimensions, a vibrational archive composed of quantum frequencies arranged in overlapping states which contains, in the here and now, past, present and all the potentials and possibilities of becoming.

The Personal Akashic Records can therefore be defined as a dimension of Consciousness on the level of the Soul and are intimately connected to the human being (in the DNA), to the planet (in the Crystalline Grid) and to the Cosmos (Cave of Creation).

The physical characteristic is that of a magnetic field in simultaneous constant connection between all its elements and it is precisely through the attributes of magnetism that it is possible to interface and decode the information.

How to read the akashic records

Reading the Personal Akashic Records is a very loving moment of transformation and awareness in which the "Masters", "Our Divine Inner", guide us through precise words, images, metaphors and moments of healing, specific for each of us, in so that what the person may receive arrives and does its job.

The revelations that are given to us during the reading are always proportionate to the degree of awareness that the person requesting the opening of their Akashic Records possesses, they can also tell us about third parties, but always with a view to what is useful that whoever is in reading understand the role and meaning that the relationship we are talking about plays in his life.

How to ask questions of the Akashic Records

Opening the Akashic Records is an act of will, therefore you cannot ask for a reading on behalf of someone else, not even your own children, respecting the free will and soul choices of each Human Being.

It is important to align yourself with the meaning of the reading, it is not a divination and it will not reveal the future to us, which is still to be defined, given that energy changes moment by moment and the possible potentials are infinite, depending on our choices moment by moment , therefore unpredictable.

The Akashic Records will not answer questions asked out of simple curiosity, they will not answer questions that have the intention of removing pain by bypassing the life lesson it hides, the precious gift that this pain brings us. They will respond more easily to the meaning of this pain, allowing us to find that precious gem that it contains.

Our first objective will therefore be to shed light on the origin and cause of our problems, blocks and disharmonies, with the aim of embarking on a path of healing, getting us directed to the work that is indispensable for us, which helps us, making us overcome resistance and detentions. gradually, one step after another and thus allowing us to take our next step.

What to expect from reading the Akashic Records

The Personal Akashic Records reveal to us the teachings contained in each experience that we have chosen to live, totally outside of judgement, in full and total acceptance and love towards us, in the acceptance of Unconditional Love, a unique and truly tangible experience when let's enter this dimension.

Each reading is an experience full of meaning and always unique, even repeated at different times it is never the same thing, sometimes the person is guided to a resolution of some problems already during the reading itself, with very intense and healing moments profound, other times there are suggestions on possible self-help strategies or working methods with which to be followed after reading, by professionals in the holistic field and spiritual and personal growth.

Some people do a single reading that marks a major turning point for them, while others do periodic readings to help them feel better; finally, there are people who, after having known this dimension of Love, decide to dedicate themselves to learning the rituals and internal conditions in order to be able to operate autonomously in opening their own Akashic Records.

How to book your individual session

You can proceed to purchase the service,
you will receive an automatic confirmation email and then Marina will tell you
will write via email to schedule the appointment.

Professionista che offre letture online dei registri akashici personali con Phedros

Marina Bovolon

Free researcher, mother of two children and professional in Integrated Wellbeing for 25 years. Scientific-humanistic training, operator since 1988, PSYCH-K® facilitator since 2009 and reader of the Akashic Records since 2019, she responded to the call of the Soul after professional success and emotional satisfaction, dedicating herself to the search for inner Truth.