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Laura Tuan

Graduated in literature and graduated in Japanese, expert in oriental religions, Sanskrit, astrology and tarot. For over 40 years she has been author of books for publishing houses such as De Vecchi, Scarabeo and Rizzoli. With integrated knowledge from travels to mysterious places, he holds online courses and seminars with Phedros and contributes to magazines such as Io Donna, Oggi and Il Giornale. In short, it deals with magic.

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There is magic and magic

There is only one kind of magic, the art of mastering the mind, directing thoughts and projecting the will. The sacred texts, however, get lost in descriptions, they speak of white magic when celestial forces are evoked and of black magic when demons descend into the field or spells, conjurations and spells are performed, without taking into account that the real distinction is not the technique but the intention. We then speak of high magic or ceremonial magic when the operation, comparable to a psychological drama, proceeds through a complex ritual, punctuated by ceremonies of purification, consecration, evocation of forces, on which an order is imposed before dismissing them. The ceremony takes place in a sacred space, the circular diagram, because the circle is a protective symbol, strictly in a protected, reserved place, which acts as a temple. Today it can be a cabin, a basement, once upon a time there were caves, labyrinths or manors, just think of the magnificent Castel del Monte, in Puglia, commissioned by Frederick II, an expert in alchemy and magical arts. Then there is a lower form of magic, natural magic, within everyone's reach, or almost everyone, as long as one has the necessary sensitivity to grasp the similarities that connect the sky to the earth, the stars to crystals, to metals, to plants. , the perfumes, the animals. Carefully chosen, worked and magnetized with the will, and here the main ingredient, the strength of thought, returns to the scene, these are transformed into amulets (from the Latin amoliri, to protect), protective instruments against ailments and troubles or in talismans (from the Greek telesma, sacred things), real magical weapons of attack, aimed at procuring love, health, luck.

The magical laws

Indispensable prerequisite for understanding and possibly doing magic, that is, the basis of magical thinking: being willing to believe in the existence of the invisible, immaterial planes of existence and entities (such as spirits, angels), capable of understanding and acting even if devoid of physical body. In a word: believing in the reality of the invisible, because matter and spirit are the two sides of the same coin, energy. What could be the secret of the wizard Merlin? Simple: dismantling the universe, selecting nature piece by piece, until discovering its secret laws. The first, most important, is also the first of the seven hermetic principles handed down by Hermes Trismegistus in the famous Emerald Tablet: the universe is the mental, that is to say that thought guided by the will has a strength that we cannot even imagine, it can create or destroy, harmonize or disrupt. They follow: "similar produces similar", which means that it is enough to act on a model, an imitation of reality, to produce an equal one. Then there is the magical law of contact, adjacent people or things allow a passage of energy, so just bring them close to create a bond. And again: "a particle is enough to represent and recreate the whole", this is why the infamous wax doll, baptised, activated as a stand-in for the person, must always contain the so-called witness, a hair, a fragment of a nail or a drop of blood and according to magical thinking it is the most powerful of fluids and contains within itself the essence of life.

Laura Tuan's books

De Vecchi Editions:
Guide to the Chakras - The centers of the life force
Dreams - Illustrated Dictionary
The tarot cards of 2012 - The Mayan divination cards to read our future.
The Tibetan secrets of youth and vitality
Understand and practice - Astral travel
Chinese astrology course
Palmistry-The ancient art of reading the future on the hand
The secret language of tarot cards
The Celtic Tarot-Meaning, interpretation, divinatory powers
Dream divination cards
What name to give your baby - The history and influence of the name on personality
Discover your paranormal powers
Encyclopedias of occultism
The big book of fortune telling
The Egyptian Tarot

Astra Editions:
The Oracle of the Ten Sibyls
The mystery cards
Astra Agenda

De Vecchi Editions/Astra Editions:
Telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition

Lo Scarabeo Editions:
The Tarot of the Red Indians
Karma Oracle-Doctrines of Buddhism and Hinduism
The floral tarot
Crystals-Drops of colored light for well-being and balance
Runes-Magic Alphabet of the Gods
Witchy Tarot
The Tarot of the Modern Witch
Voices of the Angels
Reading the buzios

Edizioni Astra/Edizioni Lo Scarabeo/Edizioni Scarabeo:
Monographs: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini

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