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Laura Tuan

Online course “Astrology and Tarot”

Online course “Astrology and Tarot”

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This extraordinary course offers a unique experience to understand symbols, starting from the astrological ones (planets and signs) and expanding them with those of the tarot. Consisting of 20 lessons, each lasting over an hour, the course is ideal for anyone who loves astrology and tarot, regardless of their level of knowledge.

The first free lesson, available in this video, outlines the central theme: the symbol as a language of the soul. Defined as the alphabet of the soul, the symbol manifests itself in dreams, fables, myths, and can be hermetic but understandable to all. The course explores the meaning of symbols, particularly those of the planets, which concentrate complex concepts in a few elements.

Symbols are considered a sort of ladder that connects the individual to the universe, crossing the one and the multiple, the high and the low, the masculine and the feminine. The course divides symbols into categories such as colors, numbers, geometric shapes, elements, planets, zodiac signs, everyday objects, places, holidays, characters, mythological figures and foods. Through a multidimensional approach, students will be able to delve deeper into the perception and interpretation of symbols, enriching their understanding of astrology and tarot.

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Laura Tuan

Graduated in literature and graduated in Japanese from the ISMEO in Milan, she is an expert in astrology, tarot, oriental religions, philosophies, symbology, natural medicine and art. For over 35 years he has published books, edited radio columns and written for magazines such as Io Donna. He holds his courses online with Phedros.