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Laura Tuan

Intuitive Reading with Laura Tuan - Complete One Hour Session

Intuitive Reading with Laura Tuan - Complete One Hour Session

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The symbols

The symbols speak a subtle language, intelligible on multiple levels, depending on each person's personal growth. It goes like this that from meditation and from the reading of those 22 colored cards called major arcana and from the 56 defined minor arcana of the tarot deck, the mind, by training, becomes able to capture information, input, impressions, suggestions, an ever-changing range of nuances wider way. It is not, therefore, a question of matching each card to the mere interpretative meaning already prefigured in the books, but rather of working on personal sensitivity in order to make it increasingly receptive to the secret language of the tarot, already defined in the Renaissance as a "thinking machine".

After purchasing the session you will receive an automatic confirmation via email. The appointment will be made later via email, Laura will write to you with her proposals at the usual time from 9pm.

Intuitive reading of symbols

The intuitive reading of the symbols has notable connections with the Jungian synchronicity , on the one hand there are those who consult with their own problems and curiosities, on the other those who interpret the symbols or rather let themselves be led by them almost as if they were the milestones of a journey, which we know where it starts from but not where it can reach. Thus it happens that the curious headgear of the magician, the mysterious book of the popess, the crown of the empress and the emperor, the starry canopy of the chariot and so on, become inputs, useful suggestions so that the mind shows off its receptive potential, the abilities to connect the impressions received, exactly as by placing a handful of words side by side one can define a complete sentence.

Not even the cards drawn are random, mysteriously evoked they reveal themselves to be the most relevant to the past, present and future situation of those who consult. In practice, thanks to the symbols, a sort of relationship is created between the interpreter and the consultant energetic bridge , by intertwining their energies the two communicate and the symbols become an intelligible speech for both.

How intuitive reading happens

Phedros offers two different types of reading, the first lasting an hour evaluates an overall existential overview (character, tendencies, desires, fears, potential) in the various sectors of life, from love to work, from family to travel, from finances for well-being, essential for those approaching this type of experience for the first time, in order to establish a first soul contact with the consultant.

Others may possibly follow, always at a safe distance, shorter (about half an hour), reserved for any specific questions on the topics already examined in general and analyzed here in detail according to the temporal development of the events and the nuances produced by the intertwining of other situations and people.

If you have already had an initial consultation you can purchase a short half-hour consultation by clicking on the image below.

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Laura Tuan

Graduated in literature and graduated in Japanese from the ISMEO in Milan, she is an expert in astrology, tarot, oriental religions, philosophies, symbology, natural medicine and art. For over 35 years he has published books, edited radio columns and written for magazines such as Io Donna. He holds his courses online with Phedros.