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Laura Tuan

The cross of the incarnation, the 7 vices and the 7 virtues - Advanced online astrology course

The cross of the incarnation, the 7 vices and the 7 virtues - Advanced online astrology course

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In the course, now completed, of which the recordings are available, we explore the reading of the birth chart from an innovative perspective, for activate the personal search for self-understanding.

We begin with the cross of the incarnation to answer the fundamental existential questions: who we are, where we come from, where we go, and with whom.

Let's examine how to identify in the birth chart the presence of the seven vices (symbols of lack) and the seven virtues (symbols of abundance), which represent the baggage that everyone carries on their journey of life.

The lessons combine theoretical teachings on the cross of incarnation, connecting vices and virtues to the myth, followed by the reading of the participants' birth charts. Each session begins with a theoretical analysis of the cross of incarnation, then exploring the myths related to the vices and virtues. Next, the birth chart of one of the participants will be read, starting with Natasha's newborn baby in the first lesson.

The course, consisting of 7 lessons of approximately 60 minutes each, was recorded during the live online lessons that began on 27 October 2021. For information regarding the next live courses, write to

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Laura Tuan

Graduated in literature and graduated in Japanese from the ISMEO in Milan, she is an expert in astrology, tarot, oriental religions, philosophies, symbology, natural medicine and art. For over 35 years he has published books, edited radio columns and written for magazines such as Io Donna. He holds his courses online with Phedros.