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Laura Tuan

Planetary cycles in individual charts - advanced astrology course

Planetary cycles in individual charts - advanced astrology course

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This course is reserved for those who already know astrology well (advanced group) and have followed it live. Given that the situation (real and obviously also astral) is of a complexity that has been rare for decades now and is such as to cause concern in many people, let's evaluate the most turbulent moments we have to face between November and March 2023 and on which house - sector do they impact on the theme of each of us and how best to deal with them, or which strategies are most suitable? we could identify the most critical moments and each time evaluate in which house they impact for each one with practical advice...

After careful analysis with Laura, we thought of doing a course that allows us to combine the theory of planetary cycles, with particular attention to current and future movements for the year 2023 but with an eye on what happened in the past, with the examination of participants' birth charts to assess the potential impact on a personal level.

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Laura Tuan

Graduated in literature and graduated in Japanese from the ISMEO in Milan, she is an expert in astrology, tarot, oriental religions, philosophies, symbology, natural medicine and art. For over 35 years he has published books, edited radio columns and written for magazines such as Io Donna. He holds his courses online with Phedros.