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Course on Manifesting Desires: Universal Laws

Course on Manifesting Desires: Universal Laws

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Learning about universal laws and applying them in your life is the most important gift you can give yourself.

In the vast panorama of energy, frequencies and vibrations, discover the seven Universal Principles that guide the universe and our existence. From the Law of Attraction to the Law of Allowing, each principle is a key to understanding and consciously shaping reality. We add the Law of the Mirror, the eighth law that enriches the learning path. These laws, as concrete as the laws of physics, outline the 'Game of Life'. The 8 lessons of the course, broadcast live on YouTube, are now available for purchase, offering you a unique opportunity for in-depth study.

Everything in this Universe, including you, is energy, frequencies and vibrations.

And this Universe is guided by seven main Universal Laws or Principles that explain how energy, frequencies and vibrations "work". These laws, as real as the laws of physics, dictate "the rules of the Game of Life" and by learning them we can understand how to consciously create the life we ​​want.

the Law of Attraction,
the Law of Intentional Creation,
the Law of Allowing,
the Law of Abundance (or Sufficiency),
the Law of Pure Potentiality,
the Law of Detachment
the Law of Polarity .. and I gladly add law n. 8
the Law of the Mirror

Watch the video taken from the course, on the Law of Intentional Creation. The 8 lessons of the course taken live on Youtube are now available for purchase here. Click 'buy' and start transforming your life by understanding and applying these powerful universal laws.

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Viviana Bertoglio

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