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Roberta Bencini

Rediscover the harmony of the body with crystals: individual session

Rediscover the harmony of the body with crystals: individual session

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Crystals are living beings with a great vibrational power, which modulates depending on the OTHER BEINGS they come into contact with. Crystals open and rebalance the chakras, first of all the seven main chakras, but also the secondary ones.

This delays the onset of physical and psychological pathologies. Crystals bring energy to the bodies of humans and animals and energetic vibration to the individual cells and atoms that make up the living body.

Crystals are wonderful to experience at all times of life, there are no contraindications to their use.
They are excellent during pregnancy, postpartum and on the newborn.

Each crystal works on a different chakra and promotes the regeneration and improvement of certain organs. Their use in meditation and in progressions and regressions to previous lives is excellent. They offer a more loving and peaceful vision of life and allow better contact with nature.

Animals are very receptive to the use of crystals to treat their health problems and to bring light and balance back into their lives. They are used on dogs, cats, horses, mice, parrots and exotic animals.

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Roberta Bencini is registered with SIAF Italia in the professional register of holistic operators with TRAINER level code TO2736T-OP

She is also registered in the Counselor register with Professional level code TO454P-CG
Professional regulated pursuant to Law n°4/2013

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Who is the use of crystals recommended for?

- to those who want to bring light into their existence
- to those who want to rebalance and open the chakras, energy centers of their body, to avoid the onset of physical and psychological pathologies
- to those who want to contact previous lives and experience emotions and images through meditation
- to those who want to have a happy pregnancy and resolve small ailments that may arise during the nine months.
- to those with infertility problems
- to those who are subject to frequent miscarriages
- to those who want to contact Angels and spiritual Guides through meditation with crystals.
- to those who want to know the use of crystals for themselves, their family, their pets

How the session is done

How to carry out a session or meditation with the use of crystals

Crystals are energy catalysts, therefore their use in contact with our body causes a large amount of positive energy to arrive inside our soul, through doors which are the so-called chakras.
Each crystal, rose quartz, black tourmaline, jasper or moonstone, has a different energy and therefore a different function.

It is activated through the operator's intention and simply by placing the crystal on a specific point of the body of the person or animal who wants to be treated with this method. In this way, crystals give light and harmony to the physical and energetic bodies and lower the risk of contracting physical and psychological diseases. They can also be useful for making contact with angels or spiritual guides so you can receive unconditional love and very useful information for your current earthly existence.

They can also be used during meditation, simply by choosing the crystal that best suits our needs and holding it in our hands or very close to us. Meditation with crystals confers peace and harmony and removes all forms of stress and apathy.

Roberta offers a 60 minute session at a cost of 90 Euros, where by examining energetically and speaking with the person, she will be recommended the right crystals for her.
It is possible to have very pure crystals directly from India. For information write to

All sessions can be done online or in person.

Possible sessions in the studio in San Gimignano (Siena). For information write to

To book

Session booking takes place after purchase. Proceed to the cart and complete the purchase. You will receive an email from Roberta and you will be able to make arrangements on the date, time and means of communication for your video conference.

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Roberta Bencini

Counselor, expert in Regressive Hypnosis, Constellations of Myths and Images, Creation Theta and Harmonization of the house with Feng Shui, Indian Vastu and sacred figures: Genesa, Pentasphere, Pyramid.