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Roberta Bencini

Improve the well-being of the child at home

Improve the well-being of the child at home

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When a newborn baby arrives, everything changes on a couple level, on a personal level. The house must also change and not only by closing drawers and putting up protective gates, but in a more profound way. A small child has lower immune defenses and energy protection than adults. Invisible but harmful pitfalls can hide at home, such as sleeping on a Hartmann knot* ( 1 ) or on an aquifer* ( 2 ) or having the house with openings or spatial dislocation that needs to be corrected.

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Roberta Bencini is registered with SIAF Italia in the professional register of holistic operators with TRAINER level code TO2736T-OP

She is also registered in the Counselor register with Professional level code TO454P-CG
Professional regulated pursuant to Law n°4/2013

How the session is done

How the 1st session happens.

The first session takes place via Skype and lasts more than an hour during the pregnancy, with the parents, before the baby is born. Before the session it is required to send the cadastral and if possible topographic plan of the house. We evaluate the house, its main openings, where it is best to place the room of the future newborn. You learn how to make clutter in your home and workplace, which areas to keep clear of cluttered objects. They are taught to protect the newborn at home at 360° and to provide for him in an energetically correct way, so as to promote the harmonious and balanced growth of the little one. First session via Skype with the waiting parents. Sending the cadastral and topographic plan of the house for an initial study. Cost 200 euros.

More details

The benefits of improving the child's well-being at home with sacred geometries and harmonization.

The maternal womb is our first home that must be harmonized through the mother. The pregnant woman should sleep in a room where a Genesa of 32/34 centimeters is kept to clean the energy of the environment and a Pentasphere of no more than 15 centimeters to have wonderful dreams and rest well, thus promoting the well-being of the fetus in utero. These are 2 sacred figures. It must be checked that the maternal bed is not located above a Hartmann knot and if so, immediately move the position of the bed, check for the presence of knots also in the future baby's room, to prevent even serious psycho-physical problems. Also check that there are no underground water veins in the parents' and future child's bedroom. or faults in the ground, which also cause alterations in the psycho-physical balance of human beings and even more so in children. If there are imbalances, they can be eliminated with various techniques, first of all by changing the location of the beds. The use of classical music is important during pregnancy, which is repeated during the months of gestation. By listening to it as a fetus, the newborn will be able to relax listening to the same songs. Just as an earthquake throws a house out of balance, so the emotional turbulence of the two parents brings dissonances into the first uterus house, where instead the embryo first and the fetus afterwards will have to enjoy positive energies. As soon as the baby is born, the proximity of a 10 centimeter copper Pentasphere to the cradle is very beneficial for the care of his energy bodies. It is excellent to keep a salt lamp and rose quartz and hyaline quartz crystals in the first bedroom, to keep the effects of electrosmog away and to harmonize the room. If there are electricity pylons outside the house, very close or very powerful, cancel their effect with a Genesa between 2 and 3 meters as needed, tied to the base of the electricity pylon, so as to cancel the harmful effects on the health of electrosmog, harmful for everyone but even more so for a child. Never buy Genese or Pentaspheres on the internet, they must be built by spiritual and well-known people. (just ask me and I can get them for you in any size, along with pyramids and Metatron's cubes). Water and food for the baby.

Do not use bottled water if you are bottle-feeding your baby. The water in plastic is dead, stagnant water that has no positive vibrational power on the cells of the body. If you cannot help but use water in plastic bottles, place it hours before use in open jugs to let it re-oxygenate and place a 2/3 centimeter diameter pyramid of hyaline quartz inside the jug. Never heat baby bottles in microwave ovens, it is still debated in the scientific field whether such ovens are harmful. Always important, but even more so with a newborn at home, is to keep a Genesa 10 centimeters in diameter in the fridge, to reduce the harmful effects of hormones and pesticides contained in the foods the mother eats and which could then pass into breast milk. As he grows up, wean the baby, not before 5 months of life, on organic foods, perhaps homemade. If time is not enough and you have to buy baby food at the supermarket, open them and before letting the child consume them, keep them for at least 30 minutes in the center of a 32/34 centimeter aluminum Genesa, to be used only to energize foods and medicines or natural preparations to be administered to the child.

How does the next, 2nd session "On-site global assessment of the house" take place?

A comprehensive assessment of your home is done if you have not done so before, when a baby arrives. I use a mixed technique that includes principles of Feng-shui and Indian Vastu, together with innovative elements I have experimented with, to make these techniques more suitable for us Westerners, in addition to the use of Sacred Geometry figures, such as the Genesis, Pentaspheres , Pyramids, Metratron Cubes, Yantras. My technique is called “Wellbeing through your home”. I go to see how the house is positioned with respect to the cardinal points, how the entrance door is positioned and I have thoroughly studied the topographic plan of the house, I evaluate where it is best to place the cradle or cot in the chosen room, I divide the house into zones , each linked to different aspects of the lives of those who live there. The colors of the walls of the rooms, the presence of Hartmann nodes, aquifers, energetically disharmonious areas are evaluated. In less harmonious spaces in the house where energy flows poorly, Yantras, Zen fountains, Genese, Pentaspheres and crystals can be used.

A session on site, in the house to evaluate the openings, the Hartmann nodes, aquifers, the area of ​​disharmony in the house and suitable remedies, the position of the cradle and cot of the new born. Duration between 3 and 4 hours. Variable cost depending on the distance from central Tuscany. The Genesis, Pentaspheres, Metatron Cubes and Yantras can be brought directly during the session on site. Price of sacred figures to be paid extra sitting at home.

Energy lessons

If it is difficult to inspect your home, it is possible to request energy lessons via Skype on the use of Genese, Pentaspheres, Metatron cubes and Yantras at a cost of 100 euros per lesson. Write to for more information

To book

Session booking takes place after purchase. Proceed to the cart and complete the purchase. You will receive an email from Roberta and you will be able to make arrangements on the date, time and means of communication for your video conference.

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Roberta Bencini

Counselor, expert in Regressive Hypnosis, Constellations of Myths and Images, Creation Theta and Harmonization of the house with Feng Shui, Indian Vastu and sacred figures: Genesa, Pentasphere, Pyramid.