Me and the Stars book

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Me and the Stars: An Introductory Guide to the Astrosophical Vision by Fabrizio Mariotti

flexible cover
by Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio (Author), Daniela Mauri (Illustrator), Fabrizio Mariotti (Creator of the method and author of the preface)

Astrosophy offers answers to the deepest existential questions that, sooner or later, we all ask ourselves. This manual, divided into 14 steps and enriched with simple exercises, aims to answer these questions.

- Which psychological type do I belong to?
- What are my talents?
- How much do I need others?
- What is the shadow and how can I recognize it?
- To what extent do my parents influence my character and behavior?
- How can I find my compatibility with others?
- Is my partner my soulmate?
- What is my life's mission?
- How can I understand if I am in tune with my destiny?

Starting from the answers to the most common questions related to the need for harmony with others, the manual proceeds towards deeper topics such as the mission of life and compatibility at the level of the soul and spirit. Ultimately, it comes to the revelation and understanding that others serve as a mirror, always reflecting aspects of ourselves.

You can purchase the book here