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Giusy Vesperini

Couple affinity: short synastry in writing

Couple affinity: short synastry in writing

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Through synastry or the comparison of two birth charts we can explore and evaluate the relationship between two people (man-woman, wife and husband, mother/father-son-daughter, friend-friend)

In synastry, the birth charts of two individuals overlap and the aspects that form between the planets and houses of the people involved are analysed.

Visually a synastry chart looks exactly like a birth chart: a 360-degree wheel divided into 12 sections. The only difference is that there are twice the elements that make up a birth chart which, when combined together, form aspects of square, trine, conjunction etc.

Each aspect that is created indicates a different degree and type of affinity between the two people and reveals the character and dynamics of the relationship.

The purpose of this analysis is not to define the fate of a relationship, but to highlight its strengths and weaknesses so that we can approach the relationship with greater awareness. Only through knowledge of some dynamics that take place when we relate to another person, are we able to improve our understanding of the other, of what moves him and of providing the best response to be able to grow together.

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Karmic bond: analysis of the karmic bond in synastry
There are people who enter our lives and our hearts and remain there despite the passage of time.

They are people with whom you perceive a particular, inexplicable bond.

What type of karmic bond is yours?
The karmic bond is something that takes us back to previous lives and which has remained unresolved. The man or woman in question is an individual that we have already had the opportunity to meet in previous lives, with whom we have established a relationship that for some reason was "sick", in the sense of lacking love.

Being aware of the type of karmic bond you have with a person (karmic bond of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto), allows us to discover the unconscious motivations that govern the relationship by giving it a precise direction.

Having this knowledge enables us to understand what influences the relationship and what we can change through understanding and love.

To request a synastry it is essential to know the date, time and place of birth of both people involved in the relationship.

In the synastry you will be provided with a written text in which you will find a description of the way in which each person behaves in the relationship, then the most important aspects that form the planets of one with respect to those of the other and finally my summary in which I highlight the points of strength, weakness of the relationship and if I have identified it, I will indicate the type of karmic bond that exists between the people involved

Discover the affinity of your couple, request your synastry!

Remember to request your synastry we need to know the day, month, year, time and place of birth of you and the person you care about!
If you don't know the other person's time of birth, that's fine too. You can also send the data to

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Giusy Vesperini

Born in 1978 in San Benedetto del Tronto, I started in telecommunications after graduating in economics. In 2002, an interest in Shiatsu started a journey into Chinese medicine, moxibustion, craniosacral therapy and yoga. In 2016, Astrosophy transformed my life, guiding me to reclaim my childhood dreams. Through Phedros, I integrate astrology and tarot, focusing the practice on love and relationships.