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Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

Orin meditations of your choice - individual online session 30 min.

Orin meditations of your choice - individual online session 30 min.

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Required starting vibration level: high

“From the beginning, Orin's teachings have offered a path of self-realization for all who are ready. Each meditation was provided by Spiritual Guide Orin to help you realize that you are an infinite and eternal Self and to bring this realization into your daily life for real, practical results.

It is important to reach higher states of consciousness, bring the higher light you contact into your daily life; in your mind, emotions and body, relationships, activities and everything you do. This meditation is to help you better understand the path of your spiritual growth and to have the most fulfilling life possible.

Orin teaches that you can grow through joy rather than struggle, that abundance is possible for all, and that the most important step you can take on your path is to connect with your Source, soul, spirit, and Self Divine.

Orin realizes that growth is like a spiral, in which you will face certain problems multiple times, although each time at a higher and more subtle level. Spiritual growth is like a dance of being and becoming…” Sanaya Roman

Contact your Higher Self with a meditation of your choice by Orin, with accompanying vocals by Viviana. The meditations are held live individually for you.

There are several that can be booked individually for a session of approximately 30 minutes. Click on buy and indicate in the order notes which meditation you have chosen.

  1. Self-acceptance: letting go of guilt
  2. Accept yourself and free yourself from guilt
  3. Manage anxiety and fear
  4. Free yourself from worries
  5. Letting go of a relationship

There are many other "single" meditations possible, you can also request to receive the complete list before deciding which one you prefer.

Those who know English can purchase the courses online here

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Important information

To book an individual session

Click on "Book" and the agenda will appear to choose a date and time of your liking, Viviana will write to you shortly via email or Whatsapp to confirm or, if necessary, request a change.

After purchasing an online course

With the automatic purchase confirmation email you will also receive instructions for accessing the course, which is located in a space dedicated to you on the site, by logging in with your email and password

Viviana Bertoglio

Astrosofa, astrologer and life coach, has transferred her passion to the construction of the Phedros project. Connecting the study of the sky with the existential path, it offers sessions and online courses in astrosophy, astrology, life coaching, light body meditation and PSYCH-K®.