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Viviana Queirolo Bertoglio

Meditation to create love from the heart

Meditation to create love from the heart

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Required starting vibration level: low

We often get lost in the search for love in others, forgetting that the true source lies in our heart, an inner strength that we often overlook. We suffer from the absence of love, but what would happen if we began to consider our heart as the only true place of origin of love?

What if we shifted our attention from the love sought in others to the love dormant within us, just waiting to be consciously awakened? Erich Fromm states that many people believe that to love means to be loved, rather than to love.

Our heart is the home of love and like a nuclear power plant it is capable of generating infinite energy from an infinitely small nucleus.

Discover the vibration of love and its intrinsic energy. Instead of searching externally, immerse yourself in an internal search that will reveal the true essence of love, an authentic strength that has always been there, waiting to be rediscovered.

Try the change with our practical exercise. Shift your search for love from the object of your affection to yourself. Discover the love that resides in your heart through this simple and powerful exercise that will connect you with the true essence of love. Rediscover the joy of loving consciously, from the inside out.

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Viviana Bertoglio

Astrosofa, astrologer and life coach, has transferred her passion to the construction of the Phedros project. Connecting the study of the sky with the existential path, it offers sessions and online courses in astrosophy, astrology, life coaching, light body meditation and PSYCH-K®.