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Lorena Pompa

Remote bioresonance - free informative interview

Remote bioresonance - free informative interview

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Bioresonance with quex s/ed is a holistic path that allows you to remotely test and rebalance, through the quantum law of entanglement, approximately 15,000 frequencies (viruses, bacteria, fungi, minerals, vitamins, emotions, organs, etc... ).

Bioresonance reactivates and puts the electromagnetic management of living systems back into balance and, like a domino, helps restore general health!

For information on consultations and the bioresonance process, book the first telephone meeting for informational purposes only by clicking on "Buy".

In the first free contact via WhatsApp Lorena explains what bioresonance is more clearly so that the person has no doubts about what they are doing, listens to what the person's needs are and at the end of the interview they can:

  1. invite the person to take a course of two sessions to understand what the imbalances are and give naturopathic help through an email
  2. or - in most cases - invite the person to do the first 5 sessions, planning the dates, to understand together if the person is resonant with the sessions. If it is resonant, and in 85% of cases it is, the complaints should decrease in intensity and the person should feel better. If this happens and if the person believes in the path, we continue with the path and then with maintenance.

The person can decide to suspend the sessions at any time. The cost of each remote bioresonance session is 90 euros and payment is made one session at a time.

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Important information

If you book an individual service

You can use the diary to choose a date and time of your liking, Viviana will write to you shortly via email or Whatsapp to confirm or request a change.

Professionista attiva nella biorisonanza a distanza con Phedros

Lorena Pompa

After graduating in philosophy, I specialized in Bioresonance at the Institute of Global Medicine in Padua. I have been practicing naturopathy for 18 years with approaches such as phytotherapy, micotherapy, kosmine method, natural integration and detoxification. With a perspective based on traditional Chinese medicine and quantum medicine, my goal is the natural rebalancing of health through the flow of Vis Medicatrix Naturae. I take advantage of two exceptional machines, quex se quex ed, to achieve this goal.