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Marina Tamborini is passionate about research in the energy sector, she has always combined her family's entrepreneurial activity with a path that has gradually become predominant. Studies on Traditional Chinese Medicine, course in acupuncture at the So Wen school in Milan, course in naturopathy at Mirdad in Turin, studied the New Germanic medicine of Dr. Hamer (knowledge of biological laws). Knows applied kinesiology. She participated in Dr. Gabriella Mereu's school of intuitive disease assessment and verbal therapy. He has studied dowsing which he applies both on an environmental level and to test the person's energy level and the correct functioning of his chakras. Today he collaborates with a company that deals with research and application of studies on water. Research company that has developed biophoton emitting devices, based on quantum physics technologies capable of transforming tap water and raising its energy level, without using electricity but simply drawing energy from the earth's magnetic field.

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The Human Code

A path that led her to meet Doctor Nader Butto with whom she achieved the five levels required for teaching his method: "Unifying integrative medicine according to the Universal Energy Model". A method that brings together Western and Eastern thought in an exemplary and scientific way, which finds precise confirmation in all disciplines from Ayurvedic medicine to traditional Chinese medicine, etc. A model that starts from the study of the physical constitution of the person, defining polarity (male + or female - Beyond gender) and constituent elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth), without neglecting the psychological aspect as the root of the alterations physical pathologies. Dr Butto's method considers the human being as a biological complex made up of three parts: Body, Psyche and Soul, which he calls, Animal Soul, Human Soul and Guiding Spirit. The method consists in the calculation of one's own Human Code, based on polarity and on the elements (fire, air, water, earth) present in one's constitution, according to the Universal Energy Model. The interaction between the codes of the three components of our Soul is also interesting. Starting from one's own code, a detailed and personalized picture emerges, which, starting from the analysis of the somatics and the individual constitution, will tell a lot about the person, their temperament and consequent behavior. This also results in an analysis of the physical plane to correct any imbalances or predispositions, with the possibility of codifying each segment of the human body (also called chakra) to evaluate the constitutionally weakest one. Until we get to calculate the code of our own human soul, our true essence, to better understand our path and our mission in life. Considering the entire path undertaken thus far, she realized that what constitutes the somatics, character and temperament of a person is something innate that we carry as baggage, but it is obviously a starting point which, if appropriately defined and studied, it can be a great resource for one's evolution and for achieving happiness which is nothing other than being aligned with one's path.

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