Professionista attiva con il suo metodo personali-tree system con Phedros


Homeopath, practitioner of natural and complementary medicine, author, entrepreneur and specialist in an anti-aging method she created. With over 20 years of experience, he has created innovative remedies from 26 types of trees, spread globally. Trained since 1980, she has worked in complementary medicine since 1982, specializing in 1985. Since 1986, she has held seminars and conferences, becoming a trainer for pharmacists, therapists, doctors and dentists. In 1988 he developed unique homeopathic remedies. A pioneer of bioresonance in Switzerland, he has opened three studios and published books since 1992.

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Homeopath, natural and complementary medicine practitioner, trainer, book author, skilled entrepreneur, she is also a specialist in a particular method to slow down aging that she has developed herself; has also developed innovative remedies extracted from 26 types of trees, used for more than 20 years in various countries around the world. His training began in 1980 with a qualification to become a medical and laboratory assistant and was gradually enriched with continuous practice and study: in 1982 he worked as a medical assistant in a private clinic in Hamburg which treated with complementary medicine; in 1985 he specialized in natural health and has been practicing his own business since 1986, also holding seminars and conferences on these topics. He also becomes a trainer in complementary medicine for pharmacists, therapists, doctors and dentists. In 1988 he developed special homeopathic remedies extracted from trees chosen based on their particular qualities and characteristics. In Switzerland she was the first to use bioresonance techniques which she combined with other techniques in which she specialized in the meantime: iridology, electropuncture, dark field microscopy and others. Since 1994 he has opened three other studios in Switzerland where he lives and works with extraordinary energy and immense admiration for the intelligence of nature (which he has always studied and inspired). Since 1992 he has published many books and articles in German.

Personali-Tree System helps to develop a more harmonious and strong personality and regain balance

a personality capable of creating a richer life. joyful and satisfying. We are born with an emotional heritage that we inherit from our parents. It is an emotional structure that changes over time, but which retains its basic characteristics. Personali-Tree System precisely identifies the structure of the personality (character, mind and emotions), the strengths and weaknesses using the date of birth as a key to understanding and through a special form of numerology. The result is a diagram that associates personality characteristics with some trees, whose special extracts were developed after years of studies by Doris Richter. These specific extracts, known for their particular qualities and properties and associated with everyone's personality, help to regain balance at all levels, to have more vitality and energy, to slow down the aging processes, to develop a more confident personality.

In the holistic Personali-Tree System method, not only the date of birth is important, but also the current year: since every single year is characterized by its own emotional structure, it is important to understand how this can affect you, what challenges and opportunities offers you.

Tree essences are collected from special trees by an experienced botanist and brought into a mother solution. They are then processed and packaged in liquid form in dropper bottles and sold to pharmacies by Piniol AG in Küssnacht in Switzerland or by Schmidt-Nagel in Geneva.

To try this method, you can book an individual session in Switzerland or a Skype session directly with Doris Richter, who will prepare and analyze your Personali-Tree System as if it were your “personal garden”. Contact them directly via the form below.

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