Professionista attiva con le campane di cristallo per Phedros


Specialist in sound harmonization for internal and external spaces. Graduated in computer science and economics, she has taught courses for adults and explored transpersonal psychology and PsychoEnergy-Therapy® to better explore and understand the heart's innate healing intelligence and energetic creative principles. In 2000, a first encounter with the vibration of a large crystal bell awakens his love for crystalline sounds and he trains in Sound Healing to broaden his perception of the vibrational and sonic dimensions that create every reality.

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ElternKindZentrum (Family and Children Center)

She was also co-founder and co-director of the ElternKindZentrum (center for families and children) in Stäfa (Switzerland). In 2005 he founded Terracielo graphica, for a type of communication that reflects the essence of the person and the unique note of one's activity or business. He later created Terracielo, consultancy & sound treatments for interior and exterior spaces to offer the purifying, rebalancing and transforming qualities of crystalline sound vibrations to those who wish to consciously evolve. Vibrations that help you align with universal harmony and balance to have a clearer vision of yourself, your relationships and your life experiences. Furthermore, its sound treatments help to harmonize and optimize the energy of living and working spaces, thus improving the quality of life and productivity.

Crystal bells, individual sessions, courses and online sales

Crystal bowls create a sonic space – for adults and teenagers – in which you find and receive sonic and vibrational impulses that increase vitality, clarity, creativity and health… and that help you center yourself

Claudia Sophyah Huetter offers individual sound therapy sessions and training courses in Castel San Pietro (CH) and online sales of crystal bells, she has in-depth professional training in sound healing with crystal bells and crystal tuning forks and great expertise and knowledge in psychology. Her continuous path of research and personal growth has given her a profound awareness and intuition that allows her to adopt an attitude of respect, sensitivity, compassion and transparency. The quality of the results obtained from treatments with crystal bells is always intimately linked to the personal qualities of those who propose it. The quality - physical and energetic - of the bells and tuning forks used for the treatment is also of great importance.

Crystal bowls work through hearing, which is the first sense we develop and thanks to which we remain in communication with the outside world. In the quartz of the bells and the crystal tuning fork we find molecular structures similar to those present in our cells and bones, which are present in nature in the form of silicon. These crystalline structures are present in the radiant sounds of bells and tuning forks and operate in vibrational form, resonating deep within your body that is naturally receptive to these types of crystalline sounds and vibrations.

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